Student Overview of the HealthStream Learning Center

The HealthStream Learning Center (also called the HLC) is an electronic learning system designed to streamline your education experience. You'll be able to conveniently complete your assignments and elective learning. Since the HLC is securely delivered via the Internet, it offers flexibility in where you participate in your e-learning exercises and access your transcript.

After you log into the HealthStream Learning Center as a student you will be able to:

Student (Employee) Responsibilities

As an HLC student, you will be responsible for logging into the system on a regular basis (once a month) and completing learning in compliance with your facility's education requirements. This online Help system will aid you in understanding how to use the HLC and its student features. You can read this guide online, or print a hardcopy for your reference.

In addition to the online help system, we offer a Show Me How module, which presents the HLC features in a multimedia format.

Navigating the HLC

Throughout the HLC you will see special function buttons (Save, Update, Pause, Next, Exit, Logout). Whenever you make changes or choose to exit the system, BE SURE to use the special function buttons as opposed to clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Using the special function buttons ensures that your work is saved to the system.