Prepare Your Organization for Disasters

Spend Less and Be Better Prepared with the HealthStream Preparedness Center

Over the last ten years natural and man made disasters have increased in the United States by 30%. What hasn’t changed is that hospitals are usually on the front lines of responding to them. As a result of this increase, FEMA created the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to provide a systemic, proactive approach to help guide government agencies and hospitals during a disaster. Correspondingly, the Joint Commission brought disaster preparedness to the forefront of healthcare by issuing standards requiring healthcare organizations to address preparedness and to participate in two drills each year that demonstrate communication, coordination, and the chain of command structures (Standard EC.4.20). In full compliance with FEMA and the Joint Commission, the HealthStream Preparedness Center powered by DIMS is a fully automated, web-based emergency management system that allows hospitals to conduct training exercises and manage real-time emergencies using the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS). By implementing the HealthStream Preparedness Center, you will not only prepare your facility to manage an emergency and help save lives, but it will cost you less than traditional binder and paper-based preparedness training.


Maintain Compliance

  • Meet Joint Commission disaster preparedness standards
  • Meet federal guidelines for NIMS
  • Properly document training exercises

Improve Communication

  • Effectively implement FEMA’s Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)
  • Quickly activate incident command members

Improve Training Exercises

  • Provide realistic disaster scenarios
  • Actively monitor participants reactions and provide feedback

Reduce Cost

  • Lower costs of required exercises by over 30%



Scenario-Based Training Exercises
Disaster scenarios test your organization’s ability to manage disasters using the Incident Command System. The system has 27 multimedia scenarios available such as: pandemic flu, hurricanes, acts of terrorism, chemical spills, bomb threats, and utility failures. Custom scenarios can be developed for specific vulnerabilities associated with your organization.

Complete Scenario Control
The Exercise Controller’s control of the training exercise includes:

  • Shadow and monitor IC Team Members
  • Review real-time activity logs
  • Communicate to keep the IC Team on track
  • Trigger exercise injects manually to maintain
    exercise flow
  • Ability to send exercise injects automatically

Manage Real-time Emergencies
The Incident Command Team’s comprehensive management controls include:

  • Activating, reassigning, and deactivating personnel
  • Interactive Job Action Sheet to stay on task and track assignments
  • Automated HICS forms, quickly completed and saved in archive
  • Real-time IC Team Chart to interact with Team Members
  • Live chat room and messaging capability
  • Log of all incident activities by position
  • All emergency management plans and documents


The Healthstream Preparedness Centeris essential for:

  • The Joint Commission Standard EC.4.20
  • Federal standards for NIMS
  • Implementation of the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)


Subject Matter Experts
The HealthStream Preparedness Center powered by DIMS was designed and developed by hospital safety officers, physicians and emergency management experts to comply with The Joint Commission’s requirements and federal standards for the National Incident Management System (NIMS).