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Healthcare organizations are facing an overwhelming amount of information each day - from new or changing regulations to medical advances to an array of new drugs and medical devices.

E-Learning - specifically a learning management system (LMS) - has paved the way to educate employees in a timely, consistent and reliable manner. HealthStream’s LMS’s enable you to cost-effectively manage, deliver and track blended learning activities facility-wide or across enterprise health systems. Other benefits include:

  • 24/7 Instant access for students and administrators
  • Scalable platform to grow with your needs
  • User-friendly, intuitive design
  • Stable, reliable and secure system

HealthStream offers two Internet-based LMS solutions with features and functionality to fit every budget and size of organization:

Link to the HealthStream Learning Center™
Our flagship product - is a full featured, Internet-based LMS designed to manage, deliver, track and report blended learning initiatives.


Link to HealthStream Express
Designed specifically for organizations with less than 500 FTEs - helps meet annual training requirements with a cost effective solution.

At HealthStream, all of our resources-from financial to personnel- are focused exclusively on building healthcare-specific learning solutions. Our infrastructure, from technology to account management, is equipped to support organizations like yours. In fact, our LMS customer base includes over 1,600 healthcare facilities and 1,600,000 contracted subscribers.

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