HealthStream is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the development of healthcare organizations’ greatest asset: their people.

Our suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are used by healthcare employees in the U.S. for training & learning management, talent management, performance assessment, credentialing, and managing simulation-based training programs. Our research solutions provide valuable insight to healthcare providers to meet HCAHPS requirements, engage their workforce, and enhance physician alignment.

Our Vision
HealthStream’s vision is to improve the quality of healthcare by assessing and developing the people who deliver care.

Our Customers
Over half of the nation’s hospitals—representing approximately 3.85 million healthcare professionals—have chosen HealthStream’s platform of products and solutions. Our customers include hospitals and healthcare systems from all 50 of the United States, ranging from community hospitals to large, multi-facility healthcare systems in both urban and rural areas.

Our Solutions
HealthStream’s solutions are used by healthcare organizations to meet their OSHA training compliance requirements, increase their patient resuscitation rates, prepare their employees for the new ICD-10 coding system migration, expedite employees’ clinical orientation processes, and streamline competency & performance management, and to meet many other requirements, goals, and objectives. Our solutions are comprised of an array of innovative products and tools on HealthStream’s online platform, creating a unique eco-system that is 100% focused on supporting healthcare organizations and providers.

Our learning application, the HealthStream Learning Center™ (HLC), is the most widely adopted learning management system in the U.S. among healthcare organizations. Healthcare professionals used the HLC for scheduling, assigning, tracking, delivering, and reporting on classroom and online learning to support improved outcomes. Over 130 million online courses have been completed, cumulatively, on our platform. Our talent management solution helps healthcare organizations measure and evaluate performance in support of organizational objectives—and features a fully integrated competency dictionary with over 2,000 clinical and non-clinical competency standards.

Our Leadership
Robert A. Frist, Jr. – Chairman, President, & CEO (co-founder)
J. Edward Pearson – Chief Operating Officer & SVP
Gerard M. Hayden – Chief Financial Officer & SVP
Arthur E. Newman – Executive Vice President
Jeffrey S. Doster – Chief Technology Officer & SVP
Michael J. Sousa – Senior Vice President
Thomas Schultz – Senior Vice President

Key Corporate Facts

Founded: 1990

Stock Symbol:

Approximately 750

$132.3 million, full-year 2013

Corporate Office:
209 10th Ave, South
Suite 450
Nashville, Tennessee

Additional Offices:
Laurel, Maryland,
Brentwood, Tennessee
Pensacola, Florida
Jericho, New York

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