Education: Grow Your Skills Online

Baxter is committed to helping healthcare professionals meet the increasing challenges and demands of today's healthcare environment. This site was developed in response to your feedback for easy-to-access, and relevant clinical education. A simple, one-time registration process will give you access to online Education programs and establish a database for you to access your own personal records of all educational activities you have completed.

To register or login to access Baxter’s education programs, click on the category of interest:

Albumin Therapy Hemophilia
Immune Therapy Medication Delivery
Nutrition Pain Management

The nationally accredited free programs provide a variety of benefits:

  • Interactive...
    self-paced learning with convenient online post testing and immediate results
  • Immediate...
    upon successful completion, a statement of credit is transmitted to the participant and a hard copy may be printed for easy record keeping
  • Valuable...
    A statement of credit certificate may be used to meet both individual re-licensure and Joint Commission competency requirements for nursing and pharmacy staff
  • Relevant...
    many programs address current healthcare safety issues

Baxter is proud to sponsor home study programs that are highly interactive. All programs are accredited by providers of continuing education for the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and the American Nurses Credentialing Center Commission on Accreditation. In addition, all programs are approved for nursing accreditation in California by the Board of Registered Nurses, State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs. Accreditation refers to recognition of education activities only and does not imply Commission on Accreditation approval or endorsement of any product.

The programs offer convenient online post-testing, immediate results, and upon successful completion, issuance of your continuing education certificate. This certificate may be used to meet both individual re-licensure and The Joint Commission competency requirements for nursing and pharmacy.