Thank you for checking your system! We believe this will assist you in having a great experience with our product. Compliant test results are indicated by a  and require no further action. The  indicates a test where the system doesn’t meet our recommended requirements. Tests may also display the  to warn users of potential issues. If Javascript is disabled, many of your items may render as a  which means we were unable to test them. Please enable Javascript in your browser settings and click the “Test Again” link. If you are having any problems or your system doesn’t meet the recommended requirements, please contact your internal technical support group or HealthStream Customer Service.
Your computer does not meet the recommended system requirements

Status Item Description Recommended Your System
Internet Browser Internet Explorer 8.0 or above Generic crawler 2.0
Operating System Windows XP or above Unknown
Popup Blocking Popup blocking disabled Unknown
Cookies Cookies enabled Disabled
Javascript Javascript enabled Disabled
Speed 256,000 b/s or above Unknown
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 or above Unknown
Adobe Flash 11.0 or above Unknown
Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or above Unknown
SSL enabled SSL enabled Unknown
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