CE Center

What Can You Achieve With Our CE Center?

Support Strategic Initiatives with CE

  • Improve staff care competence with quality CE
  • Assign CE based on organizational initiatives, reallocating expenditures to priorities
  • Provide focused interactive courseware across a broad array of subjects
  • Accelerate adoption of evidence-based practice

Control CE Costs

  • Unlimited CE for less than $20 per person
  • Reduce recruitment and retention expenses by providing easily accessible CE
  • Purchase access for as many or as few employees necessary to fulfill your CE goals
  • Payment options include facility sponsorship or self-pay/credit card
  • Quickly provide access to free CE courses from HospitalDirect

Assign and Track Staff CE Requirements

  • Fully integrated with HealthStream Learning Center for tracking
  • Confirm whether staff have (or have not) met their CE requirements
  • Make assignments within the CE Center

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