EMInet Has Moved to the
HealthStream Learning Center™ (HLC)

On February 5, 2013, EMInet moved to the HealthStream Learning Center™ (HLC). Before that date, all students in the EMInet system must have completed any in-progress courses if they intended for the credit to be transferred to their account in the HLC. Beginning February 5, 2013, EMInet students are no longer able to access their old account, transcript history, or any courses—including any in-progress course—on the EMInet system. On February 7, 2013, students’ EMInet transcript history since August 1, 2007 will be available from their transcript in their HLC account.

What information moved to the HLC?
All of your EMInet course completions since August 1, 2007 moved to your transcript in your HLC account. No EMInet courses there were ‘in progress’ as of February 5, 2013 transferred to the HLC.

How do I access my HLC account?
Both students and administrators are able to access their accounts on the HLC using their EMInet account information. Your EMInet user name is also your HLC user name and temporary password (both are the same). You may change your password after you access your account on the HLC for the first time. Go to http://www.healthstream.com/hlc/ems to begin using the HLC.

What happened to courses on the EMInet platform in which I was enrolled?
All in-progress courses on the EMInet platform must have been completed before February 5, 2013. In-progress courses were not transferred to your HLC account, nor will you be able to access them on the EMInet platform after that date.

Do I still have access to my old EMInet transcript?
You no longer have access to your account on the EMInet platform as of February 5, 2013. Texas EMS professionals are required (by the state of Texas) to retain their continuing education certificates for five years. As such, your EMInet completions since August 1, 2007 will be available in your HLC transcript on February 7, 2013.

Who do I contact with questions or to learn more about the HLC?
HealthStream Customer Service representatives are available from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Central time by dialing 800-521-0574 or by e-mailing customer.service@healthstream.com.

You may also visit HealthStream's Emergency Medical Services web site, http://www.healthstream.com/ems, which contains information on HealthStream's EMS program.

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