DigitalMed Clinical Practice Series
Obstetrics Nursing

These courses help teach nurses how to provide exceptional care for the birthing mother and her new child at each stage of the inpatient experience. Ideal for inclusion in nurse orientation and cross-training programs, these courses help equip nurses to create a truly positive experience for a highly-influential patient group.

Suggested Learning Packages

Courses ID# Duration (min) CE Hrs
Labor and Birth
Anatomy and Physiology of Normal Childbirth NCB01 63 1.3
Nursing Management of the Laboring Mother NCB02 61 1.3
Stages of Labor NCB03 80 1.7
Pain Management During Labor NCB04 78 1.6
Pharmacological Pain Management NCB05 54 1.1
Alterations of Labor and Birth NCB06 64 1.3
Postpartum Care
Normal Postpartum Physiological Maternal Adaptations NPP01 54 1.1
Physiologic and Anatomic Changes During the Postpartum Period PCM01 55 1.2
Immediate Recovery Period: Uterine Tone and Blood Loss PCM02 99 2.0
Immediate Recovery Period, Part 2: Nursing Management PCM13 58 1.2
Postpartum Assessment After the Recovery Period PCM03 109 2.2
Postpartum Pain Control and Other Self-Care Measures PCM04 49 1.0
Postpartum Anticipatory Guidance PCM05 88 1.8
Postpartum Care of the Cesarean Section Patient PCM06 50 1.1
Postpartum Psychologic Adjustments PCM07 48 1.0
Resuming Activities of Daily Living PCM14 84 1.7
Well Newborn
Nutritional Needs of the Newborn NBN01 57 1.2
Newborn Assessments Immediately After Birth NNB02 62 1.3
Newborn Assessments Within 1 to 4 Hours After Birth NNB03 76 1.6
Introduction to Breastfeeding PCM08 71 1.5
Breastfeeding and Weaning PCM10 52 1.1
Bottle-Feeding the Newborn and Infant PCM11 47 1.0
Obstetrics General Topics
Developmentally Appropriate Care NII05 79 1.6
Neonatal Nutrition NII14 72 1.5
Development of the Neonatal GI System and Common GI Diseases in the Neonate NII18 52 1.1