Save Time on Performance Reviews

Our Performance Center helps you simplify annual reviews by moving from paper-based processes to online assessments. You’ll save valuable clinician and employee time and finish your reviews faster. HealthStream offers the only competency-based performance management system built with the specific needs of healthcare and other caregiving organizations in mind.

Ensure the Competency of
Care Staff

Our Competency Center was created for the specialized needs of talent management in the care environment. It adapts to clinical practice changes and meets the unique needs of healthcare employees. We offer competency assessments at the custom initial, unit-specific, and annual levels, as well as career ladder and succession planning, and individual reflective plans.

Provide Efficient and Effective Care Environment Training

As the leading learning management system in healthcare, the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) offers everything your care organization needs to support its learning and development initiatives. The HLC was designed to meet the unique demands of every care environment, from tracking to meet the demands of Joint Commission audits to fulfilling compliance requirements.

Train Staff to Perform High Quality CPR with HeartCode®

HeartCode is the official, self-directed, eLearning program from the American Heart Association® (AHA) for BLS, ACLS, and PALS training. HeartCode provides real-time feedback, resulting in staff that are more confident and competent in delivering High Quality CPR.

Use Survey Data to Improve Patient Experiences

HealthStream collects survey data for care organizations that helps inform their strategic decisions. In addition to providing HCAHPS, CG-CAHPS, and other surveys, our consultants help customers understand their survey scores and make changes aimed at improving them.

Improve the Patient Experience with Expert Coaching

No matter where your organization is on their journey to patient-centered excellence, we can coach you to improved outcomes. For over two decades we have been innovating the patient experience. Our Coaches have been in your shoes, and have developed proven techniques to drive cultural transformation, improving the patient experience and HCAHPS Scores.




High Quality


Patient Experience

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In the last 12 months: 25,794,000+ course completions and over 1,496,000 patient survey completions.


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