Be Prepared For Questions Regarding Your Hospital's HCAHPS Scores - This Board-Ready Report From the HCAHPS Experts Arms You With The Answers

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Compare Your HCAHPS Results With Up to 15 Local Competitors - Available to You in Less Than 48 Hours

It's three-thirty in the afternoon on an otherwise ordinary day, when you get the call. Susan, the local reporter, has been doing some snooping around on government sites and has one very direct and pointed question for you: "Do you care to comment on your hospital's HCAHPS Scores?"

Are you prepared?

What data is she looking at? What data are you looking at? Does she know how all of your local competitors scored also? Do you know how they scored and how you compare? To what level of detail? What if it had been a Board member calling? Or a potential patient?

Are you prepared for this new era of public reporting? Are you confident, calm, informed, and directive?

What could one wrong answer to Susan's call cost your hospital?

What is it worth to have a Board-ready report with all of the data clearly laid out, vetted by the nation's foremost HCAHPS and healthcare research experts?

Well, worry no more... in less than 48 hours, you can be holding in your hands a Board-ready report that is custom-prepared for your hospital that will have you prepared for questions from all stakeholders about your HCAHPS scores.

  • You will be able to confidently answer all kinds of questions about how you compare with local, state, regional, and national competitive hospitals.
  • You and your staff will be confident in developing a targeted improvement plan.
  • You will be on the road to improving patient care and the public's perception of your hospital.

Instead of scrambling to access all the various databases and then piecing it together to create a Board-ready presentation, you can have it now inside a Report called:


The HCAHPS Impact Report - Facility Edition

The HCAHPS Impact Report - Facility Edition is custom-prepared for your organization with your HCAHPS scores and your competitors' scores. It is available exclusively through HealthStream Research and through this email offer.

You may purchase this report exclusively at this link.
(we will be fulfilling orders for this customized report, in the order they are received)

But you don't have to take our word for it, here's what satisfied customers around the country have to say about the value this report provides:

"I am so excited about the information [in this HCAHPS Impact Report]. I have been gathering this information on my own and trying to compile it for comparisons. That has been extremely time consuming. What you have done is take away all that research time and given me my time back to spend with our Guests. This information is ready for any board or management presentation. Thank you again!"

Lisa Gleason
Director of Guest Relations
Promise Regional Medical Center - Hutchinson

"I found HealthStream Research's HCAHPS Impact Report to be extremely beneficial for Metro Health Hospital. The report gave us our percentile ranking in comparison to national and peer benchmarks; our hospital specific percentages and percentile rankings over time; and comparative percentage and percentile rankings for 15 hospitals participating in HCAHPS that are geographically the closest to our hospital for each HCAHPS category. The executive summary portion of the report is a great high level report for Senior Leadership and the Board of Directors. This report is very informational and truly demonstrates our performance in several different ways."

Cindy Allen-Fedor
Vice President of Outcomes Management
Metro Health Hospital

You may still be skeptical whether the data in this report can really help you be more prepared and jump-start your hospital to improve critical areas patient care measures versus your competitors, but think about this: If you keep doing the same things over and over again (or nothing!)you'll only succeed in getting the same results. That's why we are making access to this Report completely and totally risk-free! (We will tell you about our unique guarantee in a moment.)


A Great Way to Focus Your Improvement Efforts -
This Customized Board-Ready Report Provides Key Benefits

While it is difficult to articulate all of the positive benefits that can come from having a strong game plan for improving the patient experience at your hospital, here are six important benefits you will enjoy from using this Report:

  1. You will be able to answer anyone with confidence, including the media and the Board, when they ask, "How you are doing on HCAHPS?" No need to hire expensive analysts or redirect your staff's efforts to stop everything else for days on end to try to get this information. You can have everything you need in less than 48 hours.

  2. You will be able to better understand your hospital's HCAHPS scores. With clear charts, concise explanations, and a helpful Executive Summary, this is one report you will be using within a few minutes of viewing it for the first time.

  3. You will quickly understand how your hospital's scores stack up against up to 15 of your local competitors in 10 different HCAHPS measures. In addition to seeing comparisons of your overall scores with up to 15 local competitors, you will also quickly see comparisons of scores in specific and critical areas such as willingness to recommend your hospital, responsiveness of your hospital staff, doctor communication, and seven other critical HCAHPS measures.

  4. You will be able to better communicate your results to key stakeholders - including those responsible for quality initiatives, administration, physician relations and board members. With the help of this report, you will be able to create a shared vision with your various stakeholders on where you stand today and what it will take to get where you want to go.

  5. Respond with accurate information to public scrutiny of your hospital's HCAHPS scores. The public and the media are starting to demand further understanding and answers. This report will help you provide them solid answers backed by national experts in HCAHPS and healthcare research.

  6. Use the data in this report with confidence - it comes from the HCAHPS and healthcare research experts. More than one thousand hospitals entrust their healthcare research to HealthStream Research. Sixteen of the top healthcare systems use HealthStream Research. HealthStream Research was the first research organization to recommend a CAHPS-aligned approach to measurement to our clients and the first to offer a comprehensive e-learning HCAHPS improvement program to hospital staff.

    And one more thing we don't want to leave out ...

  7. You will save a considerable amount of time and money by purchasing this report versus trying to cobble this information together yourself. While the government's hospital comparison site is a great resource site for a number of things, it only allows you to look at three competitors at a time, and doesn't give you all of the comparison information and the statistical calculations available in this report. So why waste the time only getting close when you can have a professionally prepared report that is Board-ready!


Don't Get Left Behind on HCAHPS and Public Reporting -
Take a Leadership Role

By now, you can probably picture yourself calling the troops together with your copy of the HCAHPS Impact Report - Facility Edition, and leading the charge with a coordinated plan for improving patient care and HCAHPS scores.

And maybe you can see yourself standing in front of your Board passing out copies of the Report while you present a winning strategy for improving patient care, public perception, and HCAHPS scores.

Let's take a peek at some of what you and your team will see in this report ...


See how you compare against other hospital's in your state, region, nation,
and many other types of comparisons ...


See how you compare against your local competitors ...


See how you compare in Willingness to Recommend Your Hospital ...

And don't forget ... you get to see this same level of comparison information for:

  • Doctor Communication
  • Nurse Communication
  • Responsiveness of Hospital Staff
  • Pain Management
  • Communication About Medicines
  • Cleanliness of Rooms/Bathrooms
  • Quietness of Area Around Room at Night
  • Discharge Information
  • Overall Rating of Hospital
  • Willingness to Recommend Hospitals

You get to see how you score in each of these measures against up to 15 of your local competitors, how you are doing against your own scores over time, and against National peer groups.

Okay, So What's the Cost for this Incredible Report?

Well, realize that if you directed internal staff to try to a create this kind of report, it could cost you (in time and database fees) close to a $1,000. That's not counting the opportunity cost from other mission-critical projects that they wouldn't be able to get to during that time. And it's not guaranteed that the final result would be Board-ready.

If you were to hire an experienced research consultant and HCAHPS expert to come on-site for a day to do a deep dive into your data and present that to your senior team, you're looking at closer to $3,000, not including travel costs. So at bare bones minimum you're getting thousands and thousands of dollars worth of expertise at your disposal.

But we're not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even our minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for the HCAHPS Impact Report - Facility Edition is only $395.

So what's the catch? Why are we practically giving this invaluable report away?

Well, it's quite simple. We hope you will value our insight so much that you turn to HealthStream Research for more of your healthcare research needs. We have strong expertise in HCAHPS and were the first research organization to recommend our clients to take a CAHPS-aligned approach for patient surveys. We were the first research organization to provide our clients with a comprehensive e-learning program for staff - the HCAHPS Improvement Library, now the gold standard in the industry.

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Free Bonus Gift: HCAHPS Best Practices: Selected Excerpts from HealthStream Research's Insight Online Best Practices Database

HealthStream Research maintains an evidence-based Best Practices Library for the exclusive use of its clients.

While we can't give you full access to our entire library of Best Practices, we have compiled a BONUS REPORT that provides evidence-based best practices in three critical HCAHPS Measures - Nurse Communication, Pain Management, and Communication About Medications.

The practices in this bonus are as valuable as the HCAHPS Impact report, especially if you consider that successfully implementing just one of these practice could place your hospital on the path to improved patient care and improved HCAHPS scores - but they're all yours absolutely free when you order by midnight.


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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Your success in using this report is completely guaranteed.

If after receiving your customized copy of the HCAHPS Impact Report - Facility Edition you do not feel that it is a Board-ready, professionally-assembled report with highly relevant HCAHPS results and comparisons with your competitors, then we will promptly refund your money and you get to keep the BONUS REPORT!

Is that fair or what?

That means you get to see and use the report at our risk, while you ensure that it works for your situation.

Look at it this way - $395 is a small price to pay to be armed with actionable information so you can focus your time and resources on implementing a coherent plan to improve your hospital's patient care, its public perception, and your HCAHPS scores.

You really can't afford not to invest in this useful report!

It is easy to secure your copy now. Just go to here to order.


HealthStream Research

P.S. Remember that when the media, the Board, or your own employees call about your HCAHPS scores, you will now have all the facts right in front of you and speak from a place of strength!

P.P.S. If you're still not convinced that this report would benefit you, we have made available for a limited time a complete sample report available for you to preview right here. The only difference is that your report, once you order, will be customized with your hospital's data and your competitor's data.


You may purchase this report exclusively at this link.
(we will be fulfilling orders for this customized report, in the order they are received)