OR Protocol® - The Official AORN Industry Personnel Credentialing Course

Help Reduce Patient Risks and Simplify Record-keeping: Require HCIRs Complete the OR Protocol Course™.

Once a health care industry representative (HCIR) enters your Operating Room, he/she becomes an adjunct member of the surgical team. Whether simply observing surgery or providing surgical team members with information on the safe use of a product, it is critical that the HCIR understands appropriate operating room protocol to support a safe environment of care. The Joint Commission guidelines require that hospitals ensure that the vendor program is compliant. The Association of perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has partnered with HealthStream to develop and distribute AORN OR Protocol™, an online course for HCIRs. This course is considered the” gold standard” for vendor training and is the only vendor training course developed with AORN which follows AORN’s evidence-based Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices. Requiring the successful completion of this course will ensure that all HCIRs entering your facility have the knowledge to support a safe environment of care in the surgical arena.


Ensure HCIRs are Credentialed
  • Documents that HCIRs have been appropriately educated to support a safe environment of care according to The Joint Commission guidelines
Eliminates Paperwork and Simplifies Record-keeping
  • AORN and HealthStream maintain all HCIR education records


  • Over 20,000 reps nationwide have completed the course
  • Based on AORN’s guidance statement on “The Role of the Health Care Industry Representative in the Perioperative/Invasive Procedure Setting”
  • HCIRs are required to pass a comprehensive test demonstrating understanding of the course content

“This is the ONLY AORN approved course for HCIRs. It will ensure you are prepared to be part of the perioperative team.”

- Marita Parks, MHA, BSPA, RN - AORN

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