Perioperative Nursing Education

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) is the national association committed to improving patient safety in the surgical setting. AORN is the premier resource for perioperative nurses, advancing the profession and the professional with valuable guidance as well as networking and resource-sharing opportunities. AORN promotes safe patient care and is recognized as an authority for safe operating room practices and a definitive source for information and guiding principles that support day-to-day perioperative nursing practice.


Some examples of online training specific to clinical orientation:

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  •  AORN Periop101: A Core Curriculum™ (40 CNE) *
  •  AORN Periop 101: A Core Curriculum ™ for OB Nurses (33.6 CNE) *
  •  AORN Ambulatory Periop101: A Core Curriculum™ (41.6 CNE) *
  •  AORN Preparing the Preceptor (2.7 CNE) *
  •  AORN Preparing For the CNOR Exam (30 CNE) *
  •  AORN: Care of the Older Adult in the Perioperative Setting (1.8 CNE) *
  •  AORN: ASC Infection Prevention Course (6.8 CNE) *
  •  AORN: Minimally Invasive Surgery Course (8 CNE) *
  •  AORN: Laser Safety for Perioperative Nurses (2.7 CNE) *
  •  OR Protocol® - The Official AORN Industry Personnel Credentialing Course (no CE credit) *
  •  OR Protocol® - The Official AORN Industry Personnel Credentialing Course (Re-Credentialing Test) (No CE Credit)

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*Indicates courses that are available for individual purchase on the HealthStream Online Store.

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