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HeartCode ACLS Part 1
HeartCode ACLS Part 2 & 3

HeartCode® ACLS Part 1

Course Code: #90-1405

Improve ACLS Training Quality

Increase confidence and flexibility with standardized instruction and evaluation.

Busy healthcare providers often need an alternative to traditional, classroom-based ACLS training. HeartCode® ACLS is the official, self-directed, comprehensive e-learning program from the American Heart Association® (AHA). Learners complete an interactive, cognitive portion that includes ten realistic patient scenarios covering the ACLS algorithms, a team dynamics lesson, and provides access to AHA reference material. HeartCode’s objective and standardized training leads to consistent improved performance, compliance with training requirements, and a more confident and competent staff.


This library is designed to help your staff keep their ACLS course completions current while saving time and money. It is the official AHA e-learning course and is recommended for all healthcare professionals requiring ACLS courses.

Improve ACLS Skills

  • Receive instant, objective feedback and evaluation
  • Standardize and maintain the highest level of staff competency
  • Utilize instructor resources where they make the biggest impact

Helps Reduce Costs

  • Free up limited instructor and classroom resources
  • Eliminate the cost of replacement staff to cover class time
  • Decrease or eliminate textbook expenses

HeartCode ACLS
ACLS Cognitive Portion:

Realistic patient cases using microsimulation technology.

HeartCode® ACLS Part 2 & 3

HeartCode® Voice-Assisted Manikins

Better Manikins Mean Better CPR Training

Voice-Assisted Manikins (VAMs), developed by Laerdal Medical in conjunction with the American Heart Association (AHA), are the final building block in a comprehensive ACLS & BLS training program. Unlike other mankins, VAMs provide immediate audio feedback, adding a new level of realism and precision to CPR training.

During the first part of the course, the trainee is instructed on how to do compressions, ventilations, and CPR – then the manikin actually becomes the coach, providing real-time feedback as the trainee completes the hands-on section.

If the manikin detects that the actions don’t match American Heart Association 2010 guidelines, it verbally corrects the trainee, something that studies show almost immediately improves basic CPR skills performance.

Easy To Set Up

To begin using a manikin, simply download software for the HeartCode BLS skills course or ACLS skills course onto your computer. Both are available at the HealthStream Community Site. Then connect the manikin to your computer via a simple USB cable. The computer automatically detects the manikin, allowing your trainees to begin the skills check portion of their training.

Easy To Use

The manikins provide such anatomical detail and precision of measurement that the training room is transformed into a realistic environment where trainees are challenged to improve their resuscitation skills. The manikin tells the trainee if a skill is being performed correctly – as they are performing it. The feedback is immediate.

If it’s not being performed correctly, the manikin offers guidance, such as “give more air,” “ventilate a little less forcefully,” or “use your full body weight when making compressions.”

These Voice-Assisted Manikins play an important role in the impact HeartCode has on CPR training. The instant, objective and standardized feedback helps you achieve the highest level of staff competency.

At the same time, they help you save money by freeing up your instructor and classroom resources, as well as eliminating the cost of paying your staff to sit in long classroom sessions.

HealthStream Support

Every customer is assigned a dedicated HeartCode Success Manager to walk them through the entire implementation process. We also provide a HeartCode Support team that can be reached from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday, to answer HeartCode customer questions.

You can set up your organization for even greater success with formal onsite training, taught by a HeartCode instructor with a clinical background. The expertise of someone who’s faced the challenges you and your colleagues face every day helps ensure that staff know how to use the equipment and executives are on-board with the roll-out.

Product and Purchase Details

Qualify for Free Manikins

You may qualify for free manikins with your initial HeartCode Part 2 purchase. Minimums apply. Speak to a HealthStream representative for details.

Warranty Information

Manikins carry a one year warranty covering servicing, replacement parts, or a full replacement manikin.

Replacement parts, sent either during the manikin’s warranty period or purchase later, carry separate one-year warranty.

BLS adult manikin
BLS baby manikin

Customer Testimonial

"I had a small group of students in our hospital system that were in need of BLS training. I assigned them the HeartCode BLS program. A week later they came to me thanking me for the HeartCode experience. They had a patient code on their unit the very next day after completing Part 2 with the VAMs and they stated they felt more confident and prepared than in previous codes having gone through instructor-led courses that seemed to just "push them through" to renew their card."
- Aaron Clevinger, OhioHealth - Dublin Methodist Hospital

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