Insights Online

Switch to a reporting engine that ensures your dashboards, drill-downs, and reports all point you towards meaningful action.


By using Insights Online, you will spend less time trying to interpret confusing survey reports and more time taking action to improve results.

  • Be omniscient. In less than twenty seconds, on one screen, you can see your organization’s current scorecard, trends, key drivers, and priorities. Be efficient. Act quickly.
  • Dig deeper without the pain. You no longer need a Ph.D. to do deep dives into your data. Use our easy tools to query and filter your data in complex ways and answer very specific questions. And then take targeted action.
  • Communicate better with automated reports. Get everyone on the same page quickly. Send automated reports to key people. Change the conversation from “Did you send me that report?” to “Let’s discuss the best action steps to address these issues.”
  • Use report cards to clarify opportunities. Report-card style reports ensure that key team members clearly understand the data and can focus on taking appropriate action.
  • Stay competitive. See how you compare against fifteen local competitors in all the key HCAHPS measures using our exclusive HCAHPS Impact Report. Take action.


Insights Online Dashboard
Insights Online Dashboard:

The Insights Online Dashboard allows users to quickly view system, facility and/or unit scores, as well as identify the top performers and opportunities for improvement.

Multiple Selections Feature

The multi-select feature allows users to view results for any combination of facilities or units.

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