Sponsoring CECenter for your staff enables organizations to promote, monitor, and maintain clinical excellence, while providing students the ability to meet their professional credit requirements.

Integrated with HealthStream’s Learning Center, CECenter offers unlimited access to education and a new, student-focused interface. Our clinical CE library for Nurses, Allied Health and Pharmacy includes over 1,800 CE courses and 40 specialty certification prep programs, including expert Lippincott content from Wolters Kluwer.

  • Unlimited access to expert Lippincott content from Wolters Kluwer
  • More than 1,800 CE Courses
  • 40 Certification Prep Programs with CertPrep™
  • Nursing, Allied Health, and Pharmacy
  • Simple search & enroll, organized by specialty
  • Multiple engaging course formats to accommodate a variety of learners
  • One central transcript, integrated with the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC)
  • Easy monitoring, tracking, and reporting
  • Create a culture of learning and accountability
  • Deploy a more efficient, centralized review process
  • Obtain and maintain state-based CE requirements
  • Address CMS Outcome Measures
  • More timely and effective remediation
  • Optimize recruitment and retention ROI
Initiatives and Goals Supported
  • Obtaining and Maintaining Accreditations with Certification Prep and Leadership Courseware
  • Addressing CMS Outcome Measures
  • Facilitating Timely Remediation, Clinical Orientation and Clinical Ladder Programs
  • Promoting Professional Development, Leadership, and a Culture of Learning
  • Enhancing Recruitment and Retention Programs

What People Are Saying

  • "The cost of replacing one RN is over $60,000."
    -American Nurses Association