Lippincott Procedures

Reduce risk and improve outcomes by providing instant access to standardized nursing procedures and skills.

Providing standardized care is vital to achieving clinical and business outcomes. Lippincott Procedures delivers online access to evidence-based best practices procedures and skills to your nurses and clinical educators, empowering them to standardize care, achieve clinical excellence, and improve patient outcomes. Information in the program can easily be shared across your entire organization, enabling your clinicians to perform critical techniques consistently. This web-based application offers step-by-step, evidence-based instructions with an intuitive browse-and-search functionality that quickly gives your staff the information they need at the point-of-care. In addition, you can take advantage of competency tests, integrated with the Healthstream Learning CenterTM, and skills checklists to prepare clinicians with the education they need. Nurses who follow the expert Lippincott information in this program improve efficiency, foster greater patient safety and quality of patient care, and enhance interdisciplinary communications.


Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Perform critical patient procedures at the point of care with confidence

Save Time

  • Use advanced technology and administrative tools to assist reviewing evidence and best practice procedures, evaluating staff competency, ensuring standardized care, and training staff

Reduce Risk

  • Provide standardized procedures, checklists, and tests across the entire organization

Simplify Evaluations

  • Document evaluations and assess needed training through skills checklists


  • More than 1,400 evidence-based procedures and skills spanning all major nursing specialty areas
  • Highly detailed instruction in each procedure
  • Quick lists that provide brief refreshers when time is critical
  • Compelling color visuals and hundreds of video clips
  • References that show the evidence on which the procedure is based
  • Full customization capabilities that enable specific practice requirements to be implemented
  • Administrative capabilities that enable creation, review, editing, and publication of procedures
  • Immediate keyword search and hypertext links that help users locate information quickly 


"We are pleased to provide our nurses with Lippincott Procedures, a top notch clinical resource that will allow them to give the very best quality patient care. This investment in technology from such a distinguished publisher supports our mission to deliver superior healthcare services to our customers.

—Carole DiFlorio, RN, MSN, CNAA Chief Nursing Officer Wellington Regional Medical Center Universal Health Services

Nursing Procedures and Skills
Lippincott Procedures

Lippincott Procedures contains nearly one thousand images and videos that improve comprehension and execution.

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