The HealthStream Engagement Institute was founded to help healthcare organizations improve the quality of the patient experience. How do we achieve this? By teaching that the patient must be at the center of everything we do in a hospital—every patient, every time. We begin by assessing and then developing the people who deliver care to truly understand and manage what the patient, sees, feels, and experiences.

Our tools, tactics and best practices are evidence-based and outcomes driven. We offer custom coaching that produces measureable, sustainable increases in patient satisfaction, employee engagement, quality outcomes, and profitability.

Leigh Ann Bradley

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Director, Continuum of Care Coaching 

Leigh-AnnAs Director of Continuum of Care Coaching, Leigh Ann leads and facilitates coaching operations and coaches and mentors hospitals’ and healthcare organizations’ senior teams and leaders in tactics designed to support cultural transformation. Her gifts lie in implementing strategies and best practices that drive performance in the patient experience, enhance employee and physician engagement, and improve the culture of the work environment. With the goal of attaining and sustaining measurable improvement in the patient experience, employee engagement, and overall performance improvement, she coaches organizations to create and sustain patient-centered excellence for every patient, every time. Outcomes achieved include facilitating a small hospital’s improvement in Overall HCAHPS rating from 7 th to 97 thpercentile over the course of a year, patient complaints reduced by 47% in another hospital, and physician overall rating increasing from 59 thto 83 rd percentile in yet another.  

Leigh Ann brings a unique perspective to healthcare leadership coaching through her long and diverse career as a registered nurse, healthcare administrator for medical and mental health, psychotherapist, and chemical engineer. A life-long learner, Leigh Ann has studied such areas as the development of distance learning curricula and online business marketing. Her background allows her to consider clinical, behavioral, and systems aspects of healthcare and permits her to offer insights garnered from this variety of perspectives. Always curious to better understand people, she loves learning the stories of client organizations and the patients and families being served. Leigh Ann uses those stories to help transform cultures to embody true patient-centered care.

Associate of Science Nursing
Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering
Master of Science Nursing 
Master of Arts Psychology 
Doctor of Philosophy Counselor Education

Licenses and Certifications 
Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified 
Registered Nurse 
Licensed Professional Counselor 
Certified Correctional Health Professional

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