• healthcare trends

    Healthcare Trends Beyond the Hospital Walls

    The landscape of care across the continuum continues to gain importance. The transition to value-based purchasing, the rise of new care models and rapidly changing mandates create a complex set of challenges for healthcare leaders, many of whom have traditionally focused most of their attention on the inpatient environment. In this eBook, we will reveal the trends that will impact healthcare across care settings, arming you with information to strategically navigate change with success.
  • development through learning

    Fast Track to Employee Improvement: Development Through Learning

    Employees are the heartbeat of every healthcare organization. With 75% of nurse leaders planning to retire by 2020, leadership development and succession planning are core practices of any successful organization. Developing your employees sets your organization up for success and cultivates a culture of advancement and learning. This eBook takes a closer look at industry trends and solutions to help in your journey to develop leaders from within your organization.
  • high quality CPR

    High-Quality CPR: Breathing New Life into Your Training Program

    There are more than 135 million cardiac deaths in the world each year. In addition, the prevalence of heart disease is increasing while the survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) remain relatively low, ranging from just 2 to 11%. The survival rates for in-hospital SCA are only slightly better at 24.8%. It is clear that high-quality CPR can make a difference in these rates, but what has not been so clear is the best way to improve the quality of CPR. This eBook takes a closer look at the industry trends and the solutions to help achieve high-quality CPR.
  • healthcare revenue

    eBook: The Dollars are in the Details

    Looming changes in the healthcare landscape will significantly impact your organization’s bottom line. MACRA, readmission penalties, nurse turnover, and the status of the Affordable Care Act are all topics that keep many healthcare leaders up at night. In this eBook, we explore some of these issues and offer insight and best practices for navigating through the changes with success.
  • Trends in Healthcare Learning

    eBook: Trends in Healthcare Learning

    Healthcare is changing rapidly, and it’s no surprise that healthcare education needs to do the same. This eBook addresses advances in training, including the heightened focus on lifelong learning and new education methods that enhance knowledge retention and advance competency.

    eBook: MACRA—Reinventing the Structure of the Practice of Medicine

    CMS has finalized its plans to implement the sweeping payment reforms called for under the Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015. This eBook addresses the impact of MACRA on organizations and the healthcare they provide to patients.
  • The Urgent Priority to Keep Each Patient Safe

    eBook: The Urgent Priority to Keep Each Patient Safe

    Improving patient safety is a challenging issue that remains front-of-mind for most healthcare leaders. In this eBook we look at how healthcare organizations are approaching this important initiative, and we review some best practices for improving patient safety.
  • Employee Engagement Ebook Cover

    eBook: Develop Happy Employees Who Deliver the Best Care (And Keep Them)

    The level of employee engagement in your organization can impact everything from your patient experience to your clinical outcomes. But how can you create a culture that not only keeps employees engaged, but inspires them to deliver the best care? Download our free eBook with valuable information on this important issue facing healthcare leaders.
  • ebook-communication

    eBook: The Impact of Communication on Healthcare Outcomes

    The principles of communication are straightforward, but when dealing with patient care can be much more complex. Research shows that there are strong positive relationships between a healthcare team member’s communication skills and a patient’s health outcomes, as well as patient satisfaction and experience of care. In this eBook, clinicians share their experiences in communicating with patients and we explore the importance of effective communication for improving patient care.
  • Turning the Tide on Turnover Rates

    eBook: Turning the Tide on Turnover Rates

    Employee turnover in healthcare remains a serious issue and the affects can be devastating. Not only is turnover one of the more costly issues faced by healthcare organizations, but it also affects the quality of care, employee morale, and the patient experience. Download this free eBook with valuable information for healthcare leaders dealing with this complex challenge
  • eBook_Confidence in the Engagement of Your Future Leaders_Image

    eBook: Confidence in the Development of your Future Leaders

    Tomorrow’s leaders in healthcare will not appear out of thin air, out of some unseen deep pool of talent ready to surface when needed. Healthcare organizations will not be suddenly blessed by an influx of professionals who ride in over the horizon with the intrinsic talent to motivate, manage and inspire. Tomorrow’s leaders must be developed today. They will not come from other industries. They will be healthcare people from within healthcare organizations who understand the challenges, frustrations and rewards firsthand. The question remains… how will you identify, assess, and develop your future leaders? Download this free eBook to learn more about the importance of developing your leaders.
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    eBook: The Steady Path to Caregiver Confidence

    Effectively onboarding and developing your healthcare employees is foundational for ensuring optimal clinical and business outcomes. But how do you develop caregivers that are confident in their roles? How do you instill that confidence in new nurses entering your workforce? And what methods do you use to prepare those with the most potential to move into leadership roles?
  • nursespath

    eBook: The Path to Nurse Confidence: Empowering Your Staff from Day One

    From hiring and onboarding to competency and leadership development, HealthStream empowers nurses with confidence to deliver the best care. This free eBook contains information on how to super charge nurse confidence, onboarding, nurse residency pathways, and more.
  • New Rules of PX

    eBook: The New Rules of Patient Experience

    Improving the experience of care is front-of-mind for today’s healthcare leaders and has a significant bottom-line impact. But how do you ensure your workforce is competent and engaged? How do you prepare for impending survey changes? And how do non-acute settings impact the experience across the care continuum? Download the free eBook with valuable information for leaders who are addressing this complex challenge.
  • 01094059_EB_CR_Q1ThemedEBook_FINAL_COVER

    eBook: A Closer Look at Readmissions and Medical Errors

    Readmissions and medical errors are a common and expensive problem. But what are the key drivers and how can they be addressed? What are the real costs and consequences of such error? And how does post-acute care impact the trend? Download the free eBook with valuable information for healthcare leaders who are rising to meet this complex challenge.

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