• 1 out of 25
    hospital patients are harmed by medical errors
  • 34K
    unnecessary deaths occur monthly due to medical errors
  • 3rd
    leading cause of death in the US is medical errors

Tools to Help You On Your Journey

Take Ownership of Clinical Competency

Our Competency Center has a foundation in well-respected competency theory, and was developed by clinical experts to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations.  It’s flexible, scalable, and customizable to meet the varied needs of any healthcare organization and improve outcomes. Support strategic healthcare objectives by aligning clinical and human resource functions with enterprise initiatives.


  • Competency Library – Our library of over 3,400 validated clinical and non-clinical competencies across the continuum of care is unmatched by any other competency management system
  • Multiple Validation Methods – Because the Competency Center is built on the same platform as the Learning Center, you are able to assign learning, checklists, and other methods of validation.
  • Healthcare-specific Tools, Reporting, and Tracking –-built, customized reports make it easier to manage risk and provide data to regulatory and accrediting bodies.

Eliminate Paperwork and Create a More Valuable Checklist Experience

No more lost paperwork. No more filing of ripped and coffee-stained hard copies. No more manual tracking of completions. Automate and improve any educational initiative with Checklist Management™.


  • Automated Checklists, Reporting, and Tracking – Move from cumbersome manual processes to a simple online solution with immediate access to completion rates and aggregate data.  Access simple reports on completions and make checklist data meaningful with aggregate results.
  • Integrated – Assign checklists using standard HealthStream Core functionality. Employees see their assigned checklist with all other assigned activities and events.  Checklist completions are displayed on employee transcripts.
  • Standardized – Pre-screened, qualified evaluators can be associated with each checklist, and made viewable to employees so they know which evaluators are approved to complete their checklist.
  • Enhanced Learning – This method of validating technical skills moves beyond testing knowledge.  Prepare evaluators with additional tools like coaching prompts and the ability to assign targeted learning, making the checklist experience more valuable

A Complete Competency Assessment Solution

The comprehensive AssessRX solution is designed to assess a clinicians’ ability to consistently and safely apply clinical knowledge, skills and judgment through the use of multiple valid and reliable assessments. This solution helps organizations quickly identify a clinicians’ ability to recognize and respond to urgent patient situations as well as effectively communicate with others within the healthcare team.


  • Includes 140+ knowledge exams, 70+ skills self-assessments, 10 unique specialty-based assessments with Interpersonal assessment exercises.
  • Validated knowledge exams are EEOC compliant, with the test development process created in conjunction with an ANCC senior editor.
  • Over 100 real-life vignettes that present high risk or high volume patient encounters
  • Individualized report including summary findings based on interpersonal and critical thinking domains
  • Individualized development/action plan
“CHRISTUS Health has utilized AssessRX – Clinical Judgment Assessments (formerly PBDS) since 2003. We have found it to be a highly effective tool for identifying the development needs of our nursing staff and supporting improved clinical outcomes.”

—Robbie Bezemek, MSN, RN, Ed.D. Director, Clinical Education, CHRISTUS Health

See Our Solutions In Action

For more than 25 years, more than 4,000 healthcare organizations have partnered with HealthStream to fulfill their promise of high quality care.

Prior to HealthStream, we had a paper process that was incredibly difficult to use. With HealthStream, I'm now able to run reports and when joint commission or the state walk in, I have all the data on hand.
Rob Lonto
Executive Director, HR

San Joaquin Community Hospital

San Joaquin desired to move away from the manual process of competency tracking. They are now leveraging HealthStream's talent management programs from pre-hire assessment, to scheduled reviews. 

Designed to be easy.
I find in working with HealthStream in our partnership, it's the innovation, the caring that I see, and it's the collaborative relationship with HealthStream that is special.
Annette Dailey
Learning System Manager

Kettering Health Network

Learn why HealthStream's CECenter has been a benefit to the nurses at Kettering Health Network.

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access to over 1,800 courses
St. Dominic Hospital
The Checklist Management function in HealthStream was an immediate answer to all our needs. It was perfect, easy to use, and easy to train staff to use. We already had the skills in a checklist format. We just had to copy and paste our content into the HealthStream Learning Center that we already use.
Janet Rotkiewicz
Organizational Development & Training

St. Dominic Hospital

When St. Dominic Hospital needed a method for preceptors to complete and document skills checklists, they chose HealthStream’s Checklist Management and realized immediate benefits.

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frustrating paper trail for skills checklists

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