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In less than 18 months of having CECenter as a Nursing Professional Development on line learning option for PHSSC nurses, over 4,500 courses have been completed by over 1,200 individual nurses! That's a marker of success and user desire for this type of learning! I am thrilled!

—Kathy Harren MSN, MHA, NEA-BC, Regional Director Nursing Institute, Providence & Health Services So California

EBSCO Health

EBSCO Health is the leading provider of evidence-based clinical information, healthcare business intelligence, and peer-reviewed medical research tools for the global healthcare community. Get to know EBSCO Health and why they partnered with HealthStream in a recent blog post. 

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For more than 25 years, more than 4,000 healthcare organizations have partnered with HealthStream to fulfill their promise of high quality care.

I find in working with HealthStream in our partnership, it's the innovation, the caring that I see, and it's the collaborative relationship with HealthStream that is special.
Annette Dailey
Learning System Manager

Kettering Health Network

Learn why HealthStream's CECenter has been a benefit to the nurses at Kettering Health Network.

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