The Relationship Between Patient Experience Ratings and Provider Directories

This infographic identifies the value of online patient ratings to hospitals and physicians. There is also a strong correlation between these online reviews and offline population opinion of physicians.

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 AtlantiCare Urgent Care Center
We never lost connectivity or operations throughout the storm. As long as we had an Internet connection, we didn’t miss a beat.
Maureen Donzuso
Director, Marketing and Access Center Communications

AtlantiCare Urgent Care Center

Sandy hit with a vengeance. Our Access Center couldn’t get to the office. Worse, 19 AtlantiCare affiliated physician practices were closed, and their answering service was out of commission. Even their answering service emergency backup call center was down.

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affiliated physician practices served in a time of crisis
 St. John Providence Health System
It’s a new day in healthcare. We deployed EchoAccess as a central source of truth for readmission management. Our Contact Center migrated from an isolated silo providing physician referrals to a respected communication hub.
Mary Alice Worrell
Director, Call Center Services

St. John Providence Health System

In 2010 the readmission rate for the health system was 25 percent. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) fined the health system $2.5 million. Reducing preventable readmissions became an immediate priority.

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reduction in CMS fines from the previous year
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
I sleep easier knowing that our call center team is supported by EchoAccess doing some of our work for us, and by our friends at Echo who really care about our success.
Catherine Hargrove
Manager Health Education

Torrance Memorial Medical Center

The EchoAccess “guru” at Torrance Memorial left the organization. Suddenly, no one knew how to produce key reports. EchoCloud Concierge Joe DeLuca promptly contacted Catherine and worked with her and her team to produce the needed reports.

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the full power of EchoCloud

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56% of patients consider online reviews to be important or very important when evaluating a new physician.

—  JAMA Feb 2014

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