Improve quality measures and clinical outcomes by building your healthcare talent management approach around competency

Other industries can get by with the annual performance review as the central process in talent management, but healthcare cannot afford to. The stakes are too high.

Healthcare CompetencyToday’s healthcare organizations face the challenge of ensuring that their current competency and performance management culture promotes staff engagement and produces the workforce needed to face the evolving clinical and business challenges of tomorrow. For organizations to survive and thrive, they must develop employees who are prepared to support and deliver the strategic vision of the organization. In the absence of a strong performance-driven culture, employees run the risk of becoming disengaged if they are not adequately prepared to achieve the organization’s expectations.


  • Get more value with healthcare-specific solutions. Access a growing network of healthcare-specific talent management solutions.
  • We empower you to configure things your way. Our system is built specifically for healthcare and flexible enough for customizing and standardizing.
  • Improve more rapidly by working with the market leader. Leverage the HealthStream infrastructure already used by more than 2,000 healthcare providers to focus on improvement.
  • Built-in competency dictionary. Includes more than 1,400 competency statements covering clinical and non-clinical staff. More than just a skills checklist, it incorporates knowledge, clinical reasoning, judgment, and technical skills.
  • Enterprise-ready. Our suite can accommodate the needs of large health systems with cascading permissions and unique content and workflow controls.
  • Powerful Assessment and Scoring Capabilities. You can have multiple rating scales per assessment, a scoring algorithm, multiple peers, alternate raters, section scoring, and numeric or non-numeric scoring with translations.
  • Built-in 360 degree and peer reviews. In addition to sophisticated competency management tools, you also get all the features you need for 360 degree and peer reviews. You can even link competency assessments right into the reviews.
  • Powerful Reporting. Ad-hoc reporting allows for enterprise-level reporting, reporting on statements across all forms, and manager drill down capabilities.
  • Generate Reflective Development Plans. Based on competency assessments and performance reviews, create reflective development plans that clarify expectations and create accountability.
  • Integrated clinical skills and checklists. Includes more than 1,200 evidence-based procedures and skills through Lippincott’s Nursing Procedures and Skills. This resource is designed by clinical nurses for clinical nurses and helps improve and standardize patient care.
  • Integrated healthcare-specific courseware library. With more than 4,000 high-quality courses available to target improvement areas, our courseware library is unmatched.
  • Multiple Workflows. You can have multiple workflows for initial competency assessment, ongoing competency assessment, and annual performance appraisal, all within the same system and all leveraging the same competency statements.
  • Configure without custom development. These features are all configurable without custom development or implementation work.


With HealthStream, you get access to a growing network of healthcare-specific talent management tools. You can better manage talent and competency with our integrated healthcare-specific solution.

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