Logging into the HLC

The HealthStream Learning CenterTM is a highly secure web site. You must have a User ID and Password to access the system.

Note: If you have student access to another institution within your organization, you will be prompted to select one institution to log into.

Logging into the HLC

  1. Access the HLC in one of the following ways:

  2. Open Internet Explorer and type the web address (also called a URL) provided by your administrator (for example: www.healthstream.com/hlc/FacilityName). The Login page appears.

  3. You may have an HLC icon on your PC desktop or your institution's intranet. If so, double-click on the HLC icon. The Login page appears.

  1. In the User ID box, enter your user ID (provided by your administrator).

  2. In the Password box, enter your password (provided by your administrator). Passwords are case-sensitive.

Note: If you have forgotten your Password, enter your User ID and click Password Reminder (if available). If you have forgotten your User ID or Password, contact your administrator.

  1. Click Login. The My Learning page appears - unless you have more than one role within the system that share the same User ID and Password (See Login Options below).

Note: Your administrator may create a Highlights page that will appear on login. The Highlights page is a messaging tool allowing administrators to communicate important information to you. To exit the Highlights page, click the Continue button in the lower right-hand corner or click the My Learning tab at the top of the page.

Login Options

You may have more than one role in the HLC, both of which use the same User ID and Password for access. When logging in, you will be presented with the Select Affiliation page and will choose which role you wish to log into. After completing HLC activities in one role, you may wish to switch to the other role.

To switch access between roles

  1. Click the Role name (Student or Administrator) to the right of your name and institution. The Select Affiliation page appears.

  2. Click Administrator or Student  beside the desired institution.

  3. Click the Make this my default selection on this computer check box for your choice to be remembered on the computer you are on.

  4. Click Proceed with Login to log in as either a student or administrator, depending on which selection you made in step 2.

Resetting Passwords

If available, you may also reset your password. If the password reset feature as described below is not available to you, contact your administrator to reset your password.

  1. Click the Forgot Your Password? link on the login screen. The Password Reset page appears.

Note: This link will only appear if the password reset feature is available to you via your administrator.

  1. Enter either the user ID or email address for your account.

  2. Click Submit. The HLC emails a confirmation of the password reset request to the email address on file for your account. This email includes instructions and a link to complete the password reset process.

Note: You must have a unique email address on file in order to receive the email. If your account does not have an email address on file, or if the submitted email address is associated with more than one account, an error message will display. Contact your administrator for assistance.

  1. Click the link provided in the email. The Reset Your Password page appears.

  2. In the New Password box, enter a new password.

  3. In the Confirm New Password box, enter the new password again.

  4. Click Submit. A success message will display if your new password meets the rules set for passwords at your organization.

  5. Click Login Now. You are returned to the HLC log in page, where you can enter the user ID and new password.