The report you are looking for is not accessible.
Possible reasons include:

  • The report has expired.
  • The URL (web address) is not complete.
In order to view the data you will need to recreate the report from the "Reports" tab of of the HLC administrator application.

Incomplete URL:
Check the web address of the report in the email to ensure it is not partially cut off. The entire web address is required to view the report.

Report Expiration:
All HLC reports (including asynchronous/dispatched reports -- for which you receive notification emails) are saved on the reporting server for 14 days. After that time they are removed.

Saving Reports:
While viewing the report, click the "File" menu in your web browser and select "Save As?". Also, some reports also feature an Export option in the top of the window to save the report (e.g. PDF, CSV).