Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA) and HealthStream: Integrated Workforce Strategies

As different organizations begin to work more closely together under New York State's Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program, online education becomes an effective strategy to deliver cost effective training in an efficient method to health care workers across a variety of care settings.

Iroquois Partner in DSRIP Solution

We work closely with you, from implementation to utilization reviews, to help your organization succeed. We want to make certain you are achieving your goals and improving outcomes

Unique Solutions for Each NY PPS

Our solutions and courseware directly align with DSRIP focus on improving collaborative and integrated healthcare, providing more access to community-based resources, and reducing hospital admissions and can assist in the PPS in meeting your unique DSRIP initiatives.

Healthcare Specific

Every service and product we offer is focused on the care environment. Your improved outcomes are where we start when creating solutions - we know your problems and the importance of solving them.

The NY DSRIP Solution Components contain:

  • Virtual Administration designed to get your PPS up and running efficiently and effectively
  • Advisors to support mapping requirements to training needs
  • Online training curricula adapted to meet your PPS initiatives
  • Track all methods of training through the HealthStream Learning Center
  • Report on all assigned training, completions, and compliance for all participants of the PPS
  • Control Center for PPS leaders that uses performance data to identify risks, problem areas, and successes across their entire organization quickly and easily
  • CG-CAHPS surveys for Patient Activation


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