HealthStream Patient Activation Services for NY DSRIP Program

Over the past several years, the CG-CAHPS survey has become increasingly recognized as the measure of patient experience for medical practices. Similarly, the New York DSRIP Patient Activation (2di) project is focused on increasing patient activation related to healthcare paired with increased resources that can help the uninsured, non-utilizing and low-utilizing populations gain access to and utilize primary and preventive care services. The CG-CAHPS Survey for these populations seeks to gain an understanding of individuals’ experiences with providers and office staff during their care.

HealthStream has been at the forefront of CG-CAHPS since the survey was first introduced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in 2007. We are certified by CMS to administer versions of the CG-CAHPS Survey for Accountable Care Organizations and for practices that select CG-CAHPS for their Physician Quality Reporting System requirements.

HealthStream can help your PPS not only to meet the requirements of DSRIP, but to help connect you with the improvement tools and resources that allow you to improve the patient experience for these vulnerable populations. Over 75% of hospitals that switched to HealthStream have improved their HCAHPS scores and we can do the same for you with CG-CAHPS.

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Key Features of the HealthStream Solution:

  • Survey Administration.
    HealthStream manages all aspects of survey administration from sampling eligible patients, performing de-duplication to ensure patients are only surveyed once, mailing two survey packets to ensure high response rates, and submitting completed survey data back to New York for scoring.
  • Reporting & Analytics.
    HealthStream’s Insights Online, an interactive on-line reporting website, permits PPSs to review and analyze vital patient experience data quickly and easily. It offers a robust data warehouse that provides dashboards, advanced analytic capabilities, an online Best Practices Library, links to customer communities, advanced filtering and exporting capabilities, and the ability to schedule automatic delivery of specified reports. HealthStream also provides each PPS and practice site a comprehensive report with comparisons to national benchmarks, percentile ranks and identification of priorities for improvement.
  • Improvement Tools and Resources.
    PPSs have access to our complete library of Best Practices, and a detailed report review with a senior member of their dedicated project team. We also help organizations to improve the patient experience and CAHPS survey results through online and on-site assessments, coaching and educational tools. We focus on strategies that have the greatest potential impact for rapid CAHPS improvement.