Integrated Workforce Strategies: ONLINE EDUCATION Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA) and HealthStream

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As different organizations begin to work more closely together under New York State’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program, online education becomes an effective strategy to deliver cost effective training in an efficient method to health care workers across a variety of care settings.

Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA) has partnered with HealthStream, the leading provider of online health care education in the nation, to offer online training to the employees of Performing Provider Systems (PPSs). Over half of the nation’s hospitals, representing approximately 3.85 million healthcare professionals, use HealthStream. The breadth of their course offerings covers health care workers in acute care, post-acute care, ambulatory care, physician practice and other care settings.

PPSs are regional collaborative groups of health care providers. There are 25 PPSs across New York State. PPSs define projects and goals to help focus the care provided in a community to be patient-centered. PPSs must meet specific project deliverables in order to receive performance payments under DSRIP. Performance payments are a new model of reimbursement for care – paying for overall performance versus paying for individual services for a patient.

The training and retraining of the workforce will be an integral PPS strategy in meeting DSRIP project deliverables. The health care workforce must work together across settings within the PPS region to provide a more coordinated approach to care through processes and protocols implemented with a cohesive perspective.

The Reporting/Administration Requirement
The tracking and reporting of training activities is a key requirement within DSRIP. The HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) allows for scheduling, assigning, tracking, delivering, and reporting of online and classroom training across a variety of organizations within each PPS. Capture the participation of each individual in every training/education opportunity within the PPS.

HealthStream’s solution will also include a Control Center, an application for leaders that uses performance data to identify risks, problem areas, and successes across their entire organization quickly and easily.

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