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Episode 8: Vickie Harris: The Transition to Value-based Care: Closing the Gap Between Acute and Non-Acute Care

Post-acute and non-acute care are changing dramatically with the transition to value-based care. Organizations must ramp up their attention to competency, care quality, and efficiency to establish themselves as the providers of choice to work with acute care hospitals. Employees are key to this change, and HealthStream provides solutions to help organizations invest in creating highly trained and competent staff. In this episode of our podcast, we spoke to Vickie Harris, the President and founder of QEC Partners, and the current board chair of the Middle Tennessee Council on Aging, about how post-acute and non-acute providers will need to adapt to survive in the world of value-based care. Listen to hear why Vickie has a reputation as an innovative and strategic thought leader related to care system improvement and integration that supports person-centered services.

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