Helping Organizations Achieve Patient-Centered Excellence

The HealthStream Engagement Institute helps healthcare organizations improve the quality of the patient experience. How do we achieve this? By teaching that the patient must be at the center of everything we do in a hospital—every patient, every time. We begin by assessing and then developing the people who deliver care to truly understand and manage what the patient, sees, feels, and experiences.

Our tools, tactics and best practices are evidence-based and outcomes driven. We offer custom coaching that produces measureable, sustainable increases in patient satisfaction, employee engagement, quality outcomes, and profitability.



Our Proven Coaching Model


PX Proven Coaching Model


Compare organizational goals and competencies that support them

  • Assess and diagnose strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Build a roadmap for improvement
  • Cast a vision across the organization
  • Link competencies to organizational and leader goals
  • Establish systems of validation
  • Engage the workforce


Create focused competencies from leadership to frontline staff to support goals

  • Develop skills and competencies
  • Build on leader, staff, and physician strengths
  • Apply evidence-based tools
  • Implement leadership and staff development
  • Utilize on-site and remote coaching
  • Access online learning and courseware


Cascade and validate competencies from leadership, throughout the organization

  • Apply competencies on the job
  • Deploy relevant tools and tactics
  • Validate skill transfer
  • Offer observation and feedback
  • Track adoption through the HealthStream Competency Center


Confirm that competencies are making a difference and there are measurable outcomes

  • Ensure staff confidence as well as competence
  • Add additional skills
  • Layer learning
  • Monitor performance results
  • Teach back


Reinforce and connect competency values to goal and create an annual process

  • Measure improvements
  • Empower confident new leaders
  • Select and retain the best employees
  • Re-assess strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Establish a rewards and recognition program
  • Implement performance management 


Applications and Tools

Use technology tailored to engage employees, drive innovation, and improve organizational efficiency.

Orchid Digital Rounding Solution

Rounding is one of the primary activities to engage patients and staff. A best-in-class solution, Orchid allows organizations to identify challenges and ideas for process improvement, positively impacting the patient experience and building employee, physician, and leader alignment.


Extend the care of your facility beyond your walls with EchoAccess Discharge Solution. This application enables both calls and text messages to be sent to both patients and to caregivers to reduce avoidable readmissions.

The solution helps hospitals improve patient care by ensuring that tasks associated with discharge are done consistently and to the highest level of quality.

Bright Ideas

A web-based, easy-to-use platform designed to encourage employees from every department to share their ideas for improvement. Ideas that can reduce cost, improve safety, increase performance and efficiency, and improve patient engagement.

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