• 1M
    practicing physicians
  • 1 in 4
    physicians feel disengaged
  • 7%
    annual physician turnover

Develop Your Staff to Drive Value for Your Practice

Optimize Cash Flow

HealthStream’s Revenue Cycle Solution optimizes the revenue cycle through staff education. Intended as an alternative to outsourcing, we provide healthcare facilities with the ability to educate current staff on how their individual roles impact the organization’s bottom-line. Leveraging courseware from Precyse University™, HFMA™, and E/M University™, healthcare organizations can access industry-specific curriculums covering every aspect of the revenue cycle. Our training enables staff members to become more efficient and effective throughout the entire revenue cycle process. Ultimately, we’ll help your staff to maximize reimbursements and optimize cash flow, directly affecting your bottom-line.

Maintain Compliance

Enhance compliance training and improve patient safety and care, while meeting corporate and government regulations with the HCCS compliance education.

These online training courses span the areas of General Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, Research Compliance, Quality Improvement and Workplace Compliance. These courses are recognized for using video and slideshow vignettes, audio, and other interactive elements to engage learners, increase retention, and change staff behavior. 

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