Episode 15: Sheryl Vacca: Exposing the Unexpected Risks in Healthcare Compliance

Sheryl Vacca

March 2018

“As we’re looking into alternative revenue streams and new methods of delivering care, what happens is the innovation kind of takes over. The things that we have regulatory requirements around, such as Stark and then kickbacks, are things where the government or the required regulatory rules haven’t quite caught up with where healthcare needs to go for the future. You’re looking at these different contractible arrangements and working in these different capacities with partners and trying to decide, okay, from a regulatory perspective, how might this affect us?”

This is one of the many observations from Sheryl Vacca, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, a $22 billion organization with 103,000 caregivers across seven states. With over thirty years of healthcare, compliance, and auditing experience, Sheryl's responsibilities include oversight for compliance, audit, risk management, and information security.

In this episode of Second Opinions, Vacca talks about how healthcare compliance and compliance staff are changing across the healthcare continuum as the industry continues to focus on new methods of care delivery and embrace preventive care.

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About Sheryl Vacca

About Sheryl Vacca

Sheryl Vacca, CHC-F, CCEP-F, CCEP-I, CHRC, CHPC, serves as Senior Vice President/Chief Risk Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health. Providence is a $22 billion company with 103,000 caregivers, based in seven states with a broad range of services in health care, and a strong focus on innovation and population health.  Sheryl's responsibilities include oversight for compliance, audit, risk management, and information security. 

Prior to joining Providence St. Joseph Health, Sheryl served as SVP/Chief Compliance and Audit Officer at University of California which is a $29 billion company, 197,000 employees, locations nationally and internationally with a focus on health care, education, research, and public service. Sheryl was awarded Senior Vice President Emerita for her service as the first Chief Compliance and Audit Officer at the University in November 2016.

Sheryl has received awards from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)® and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA)®  for her contributions to the compliance profession.  

Ms. Vacca has over thirty years of health care, compliance and auditing experience. She has held varying and increasingly responsible positions, including Deloitte West Coast Health Care Regulatory Practice Leader and National Lead on Health Care Internal Audit. Ms. Vacca has held positions as VP/Internal Audit/Corporate Compliance Officer and numerous administrative leadership positions in health care and public sector. Sheryl has her MSN, RN and served as an Officer in the USAR, Nurse Corps where she received accommodations and achievement medals during reserve and active duty. 

Sheryl is a board member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Association and is a past President of this association.  In addition, Sheryl is an international speaker and has published on several articles in different aspects of compliance and internal audit.

Episode 14: Andy Lawrence: Guidelines for Creating Learning and Development Success in Healthcare

Andy Lawrence

February 2018

"As we mature as a learning organization, we have to constantly go back and check in with our customers, and we also have to be able to have very candid conversations around priorities and around responsibility, and hold one another accountable. It can't just be a one way street.” That’s the observation of Andrew Lawrence, the Vice President of Enterprise Learning and Personal Development at SCL Health in Broomfield, Colorado. Lawrence, who has over 30 years of experience in corporate education both inside and outside of healthcare, leads the learning and development efforts for SCL Health’s 17,000 healthcare associates. In this episode of Second Opinions, Lawrence identifies the ideas and concepts that have shaped his unique perspective on learning and development in healthcare.  

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About Andy Lawrence

About Andy Lawrence

Andy Lawrence is Vice President of Enterprise Learning & Personal Development at SCL Health. Andy is joining us from his office in Broomfield, Colorado, which is just a few miles north of Denver. SCL Health is a faith-based not-for-profit health network serving communities in Colorado, Kansas and Montana. Andy leads the learning and development efforts for the system's 15,000 associates. He has over 30 years of IT and HR experience, not only in healthcare, but also in telecommunications, financial services, energy, and transportation.

Episode 13: John Yosaitis, M.D.: Creating Experts: Innovations in Healthcare Learning

John Yosiatis

January 2018

In this episode, we are talking to Dr. John Yosaitis, the lead physician educator at MedStar Health’s Simulation Training & Education Lab. Dr. Yosaitis is responsible for the education program for the health system’s 36,000 associates. Dr. Yosaitis walks us through common pitfalls in how we have trained healthcare workers in the past and shares innovations in his team’s approach to adult learning. Assessments, experiential learning, virtual reality, micro-simulation, and right-sized learning are helping MedStar turn merely competent staffers into experts. He shares that “Education done correctly can have a huge impact on patient outcomes. Education done incorrectly, as it so often is done, does nothing but frustrate the practitioner. It takes time away and can give them a feeling that they are competent and stop them on their journey to expert or mastery.”  

Learn About HealthStream’s and MedStar’s OB Risk Program 
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About John Yosaitis, M.D.

About John Yosaitis, M.D.

Medical Director, MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab
Medical Director, Integrated Learning Center, Georgetown University School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Georgetown University Medical School

John Yosaitis, M.D., is medical director of MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab (SiTEL), the education and technology group developing learning solutions for associates at MedStar Health. He brings more than 25 years of clinical and leadership experience to this role, in which he directs the interdisciplinary team responsible for creating learning that elevates associate performance and advances patient care at MedStar.

A former biomedical engineer, Dr. Yosaitis began his medical career at National Institutes of Health as a clinical anesthesiologist and researcher. Since 2000, Dr. Yosaitis has served MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and Georgetown School of Medicine as both a pediatric and adult transplant anesthesiologist and an educator. While serving as clinical director of the anesthesiology department at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. Yosaitis launched the bloodless surgery program, pioneering multiple clinical techniques to minimize blood loss and leading efforts to embrace such approaches across the surgical community.

In conjunction with his role at MedStar SiTEL, Dr. Yosaitis currently leads Georgetown University School of Medicine’s preclinical simulation initiative, designed to reinforce students’ understanding of basic clinical sciences concepts and diagnostic skills through simulation-based education. A dynamic and passionate professor, he has been honored for his teaching at Georgetown University School of Medicine three times.

Dr. Yosaitis received his medical degree from Rutgers University. He completed his residency in anesthesiology at George Washington University and his fellowship in transplant anesthesia
at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. He is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and is a member of several distinguished professional associations, including the American Medical Association and the American Society of Anesthesiologists. 

Episode 11: Zach Gemignani: Moving Beyond Big Data in Healthcare

HealthStream Podcast

November 2017

For years experts have spoken about the importance of analyzing and disseminating “big data,” especially in healthcare. Zach Gemignani, the CEO and co-founder of Juice Analytics, shares that many industries, ours included, are still stuck in the first phase of gathering data. He offers, “All of the data in the world does not help you if it’s not focused, if it doesn’t help you solve specific problems, and if it doesn’t guide you through the data in a way that is really easy for people to understand.” Gemignani and his company are focused on what they call the “last mile” in data visualization, where data is turned into action. In this podcast, you’ll learn how Juice Analytics is working with HealthStream to make customers’ data more accessible and easy to understand, to empower better decisions. Gemignani also challenges us to reconsider how we share data with our colleagues. He explains that having a point of view and creating a guided path through shared data can lead to better decision-making.

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About Zach Gemignani

About Zach Gemignani

Zach Gemignani is co-founder and CEO of Juice Analytics where he is helping transform how people communicate with data. Headquartered in Nashville, Juice has used a decade of client experience to create Juicebox, a SaaS platform for delivering interactive data-storytelling applications to help everyday information workers make smarter decisions. Zach's efforts have focused on business development, product direction, and information design.

Zach is the author of a popular Wiley book entitled "Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication."  In addition, he has been on the leadership committee for the Nashville Analytic Summit for the last four years and was named a Most Admired CEO by the Nashville Business Journal in 2017.

During his management consultant career with Diamond Technology Consultants and Booz Allen, Zach focused on information-intensive businesses such as credit cards and banking. At AOL, he led efforts to bring analytical rigor to the broadband programming and advertising groups. Zach has an MBA from University of Virginia's Darden School of Management and a BS in Economics from Haverford College.

Episode 10: Lea Sorrentino: Is Healthcare Ready for Gamification in Learning & Workforce Development? 

Lea Sorrentino

October 2017

HealthStream’s partner Bunchball is pioneering the use of gamification to engage, influence, and motivate employees and customers. If you wear a FitBit, are a member of a loyalty rewards program, or use a retailer’s app to earn points or badges, you’ve experienced gaming mechanics firsthand. Major corporations like Toyota, Marriott, Universal and NBC are using Bunchball’s technology to inspire loyalty and engagement. In this podcast, Lea Sorrentino, a digital strategist with Bunchball, gives us a glimpse into how healthcare can use these techniques to impact employee engagement, retention, training, and development.

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About Lea Sorrentino and Bunchball

About Lea Sorrentino and Bunchball

About Lea Sorrentino:

Lea Sorrentino is Senior Digital Strategist at Bunchball, Inc. and has worked with Fortune 500 clients across industries with a focus on supporting and maximizing consumer and employee engagement. Sorrentino has over seven years of strategy experience servicing notable customers like Urban Outfitters, Cisco, Volkswagen, Marriott, Honeywell, FedEx, United, and Cargill.

In addition to creative strategy she is a multi-media artist who has had the opportunity of exhibiting her work nationally and internationally. She is known for inspecting Internet culture, thoughtful writing, speaking engagements, and performance. These endeavors had her named among the “Artists to Watch for 2013″, by the Walker Art Center. Sorrentino has attended several artist residencies, most recently in Iceland at the Fish Factory-Creative Centre in Stöðvarfjörður. Her work has also been featured in the PBS series MNOriginal.

About Bunchball:

As the market leader and innovator in gamification, Bunchball’s gamification solutions have motivated more than 125 million users to complete more than 20 billion actions on behalf of over 400 customers. To learn more, visit their website at www.bunchball.com.


Episode 9: Cathy Taylor: Rewiring Nurse Education to Match Industry Demands and Millennial Strengths

Second Opinions Podcast

September 2017

The success of nursing education programs has never been as important as it is now. An older, more chronically ill, and culturally diverse patient population coupled with new graduate retention challenges are compelling nursing schools to rethink how they prepare new nurses. In this episode of the Second Opinions podcast, we talk to Dr. Cathy Taylor, Dean of Nashville’s Belmont University College of Health Sciences and Nursing, about today’s nursing students and the future of nurse education. Dr. Taylor speaks at length about how training curricula must change to match the unique characteristics of the connected, digital millennial workforce, and how we need to set expectations with students about the rigors and demands of the nursing profession. She also addresses the changing demands of the nursing workplace and Belmont’s transition to concept-based learning aimed at producing flexible, curious, engaged graduates who are ready sooner to provide professional care.

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About Cathy R. Taylor

About Cathy R. Taylor

Cathy R. Taylor, DrPH, MSN, RN, is dean and professor, Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences and Nursing at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. She previously served as Assistant Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Health’s Bureau of Health Services Administration. Prior to that, Taylor was on faculty at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, served as Director of the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance Disease Management Program, and held administrative and clinical positions at Alvin C. York VAMC, Fentress County Hospital, Middle Tennessee Medical Center and Hendersonville Hospital.

In 2006, Taylor was appointed by Governor Phil Bredesen to chair the Tennessee Center for Diabetes Prevention and Health Improvement Board. In addition, she has served as a consultant on projects for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau Leadership Institute and China’s Ministry of Health.

Taylor holds a doctor of public health degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in health outcomes at Vanderbilt University. She earned a master’s degree in public health nursing from the University of Tennessee, Memphis, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Alabama, Huntsville. She is an alumna of Leadership Nashville and the Nashville Healthcare Council Fellows program, spearheaded by Sen. Bill Frist. She currently serves on the Board of The Next Door and is President-elect for the Tennessee Public Health Association.

Episode 8: Vickie Harris: The Transition to Value-based Care: Closing the Gap Between Acute and Non-Acute Care

Vickie Harris

August 2017

Post-acute and non-acute care are changing dramatically with the transition to value-based care. Organizations must ramp up their attention to competency, care quality, and efficiency to establish themselves as the providers of choice to work with acute care hospitals. Employees are key to this change, and HealthStream provides solutions to help organizations invest in creating highly trained and competent staff. In this episode of our podcast, we spoke to Vickie Harris, the President and founder of QEC Partners, and the current board chair of the Middle Tennessee Council on Aging, about how post-acute and non-acute providers will need to adapt to survive in the world of value-based care. Listen to hear why Vickie has a reputation as an innovative and strategic thought leader related to care system improvement and integration that supports person-centered services.

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About Vickie Harris

Vickie is the Founder and President of QEC Partners, a post-acute and long term services and support performance improvement and systems integration company based in middle Tennessee. Vickie has established a solid reputation as an innovative and strategic thought leader related to system improvement and integration that supports person-centered services to the most vulnerable populations groups with a particular emphasis on older adults. 

Vickie’s career path has been one that has uniquely developed her as an innovative leader in the transformation of healthcare toward value based, patient-centric delivery and payment models. The culmination of her experiences led Vickie to set out to be a change agent launching QEC Partners and adopting Quality, Efficiency and Collaboration as the guideposts of her company.

Vickie is active in the community as a volunteer with a particular focus on seniors aging in the community, and currently serves as the chair of the board of directors for the Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee. Her personal mission statement is: “To create new opportunities for improving the quality of living of older adults across the state of Tennessee”.

About QEC Partners

QEC Partners provides turnkey solutions that enable acute care partners to manage their post-acute risks while enabling post-acute care providers to successfully retain and grow market share based on consistent quality performance. QEC is comprised of a group of deeply experienced healthcare professionals who are passionate about assisting post acute and long term services and support organizations in establishing and managing their quality and performance improvement programs to deliver sustainable outcomes. QEC’s work with each organization enhances its value to the community and the system of care in the community is strengthened to consistently support the highest level of quality of living for the clients and their families served.

Episode 7: Richard Galentino: Engaging Customers to Solve Big Healthcare Problems: HealthStream Living Labs

Richard Galentino

July 2017

It’s not often that we get to turn the vision for healthcare improvement into reality, but that’s exactly what HealthStream’s Living Labs is doing. From reengineering how annual training is delivered and identifying rising nurse leaders, to innovating how we care for our aging population, HealthStream partners with our customers to understand and tackle some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. In this episode, we spoke to Richard Galentino, who heads up the Living Labs program. Hear Richard explain why HealthStream decided to undertake these ambitious projects and how some of the findings are leading to real transformation in the practice of healthcare. 

Email us for more information or to learn how you can participate in a Living Lab
Read about the Living Lab with Bon Secours
Read about the Living Lab with the Duke Interprofessional Frail Elder Program

About Richard Galentino

About Richard Galentino, Ed.D

As a recognized authority in the field of innovation, Dr. Richard Galentino specializes in helping organizations become learning organizations engaged in the innovation process. Responsible for HealthStream’s Living Labs, Richard works with strategic partners in the development of new innovations for the healthcare workforce.  Leaders often want to research, pilot, and test new ideas within their institutions; however, resource and time constraints limit these efforts. HealthStream’s Living Labs gives strategic accounts the opportunity to work on these initiatives. Living Labs currently underway span the topics of reducing readmission, new nurse readiness, transitions in practice, and educational efficiency.

Richard’s experience includes shaping innovation at leading academic medical centers as well as many of the major for-profit and non-profit health systems. Galentino has led innovative efforts both domestically and globally. Domestically, he can share experiences and on-going HealthStream pilots and research on nurse readiness, reducing readmission, transitions in practice, and educational efficiency. Globally, Richard has worked with international medical efforts to build healthcare capacity in Latin America and Africa—targeting community health initiatives within countries with high incidence of HIV-AIDS and malaria. Selected as an International Education Policy Fellow, Richard is a graduate of Harvard University (Administration, Planning, and Social Policy; Ed.M.) and Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (Economics; B.S.F.S).  Richard earned his doctorate in education leadership and public policy from Vanderbilt University. Richard and his family reside in Nashville, TN.

Episode 6:  Elliot Clark: Examining the Link Between HR and Business Outcomes 

Eliot Clark

June 2017

For healthcare, “HR in the future has got to be innovative… entrepreneurial… creative, but most of all they have to be talking about business impacts.” That’s the advice of Elliot Clark, Chairman and CEO of SharedXpertise Media and HRO Today, a magazine focused on Human Resources leadership. In this episode of Second Opinions, Elliot provides strong evidence why healthcare leaders must adopt the mindset of industries that see HR as an investment in the future and in better outcomes, not just a cost center and risk manager. In order to begin this transformation, Elliot says that HR needs to be able to talk the language of business, which includes understanding not only the traditional metrics of time to fill and cost per hire, but also the business impact of the cost of not hiring. “If you think of it that way, you automatically transform the concept of HR as an expense to HR as an investment.” 

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About Elliot Clark

About Elliot Clark

Elliot Clark is the Chairman and CEO of SharedXpertise Media, LLC, which he founded in 2006. Elliot oversees company management and the publication of HRO Today, HRO Today Global Edition, and Corporate Responsibility Magazine the related global HRO Today conference series and the Commit!Forum, the largest corporate responsibility conference in the world. Elliot writes a column for each magazine issue with commentary on newsworthy events and speaks at events internationally on related topics. Elliot also works closely with development of research standards for the customer satisfaction research ratings for the leading human resource services providers and the Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens Ranking.

Elliot has had a long and distinguished career in the human resources services and technology industry. Prior to SharedXpertise, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Kenexa Corporation (Nasdaq KNXA), a leading provider of HR software and services. Elliot worked at Kenexa from 1991 until 2006 and was instrumental in growing the company from 12 to 1200 employees. He oversaw corporate operations and directly managed the recruitment process outsourcing division. He led the Kenexa team to be named the top provider in RPO by multiple industry analysts and publications. As a key member of the executive team, he was deeply involved in 15 acquisitions, 3 private equity financings and an IPO. He served on the Board of Directors of Kenexa from 1997 until 2006.

Elliot also had a distinguished career in the Executive Search industry, completing numerous senior executive assignments in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and was active in the leadership of the largest pharmaceutical affinity association in the world, the Drug Information Association, serving on the Steering Committee of North America from 1994 to 1997.

Elliot is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of the University of Pennsylvania earning a B.S. Economics where he majored in Human Resources. He also served on the National Board of Directors of the Wharton Alumni Association from 1997 to 1998. Elliot is currently the Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors of the Ehlers Danlos Foundation,a member of the Board of Trustees of Michener Art Museum, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and a Senior Fellow at Center for Human Resource Studies at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Episode 5:  Bryan Warren: Can Assessments Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring? 


May 2017

Bryan Warren is the Director of Healthcare Solutions at Select International, which helps organizations identify the necessary behavioral competencies of successful employees. Bryan says that in order to build a patient-centered culture that also values patient safety, you have to understand the personal attributes that will support that culture. He shares, “If we’re thinking about hiring people who are more prone to provide patient-centric care and who will thrive in a patient-centric culture, we’re looking for things like service orientation, adaptability, emotional intelligence, compassion, and collaboration. Candidates with those attributes are more likely to be successful.” In this episode, learn how behavioral traits and competencies can predict success at all levels of the organization—from frontline nurses and physicians to senior leadership. 

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About Bryan Warren

About Bryan Warren

Bryan Warren is the Director of the Healthcare Solutions group at Select International. He is responsible for developing and promoting tools and services designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations. He works closely with his company's consulting team to understand the needs of their healthcare clients, and to design and implement comprehensive solutions that transform the healthcare workforce and allow our clients to meet their goals of improving the quality of care while positively impacting bottom line performance. His experience as a practicing attorney also makes him particularly valuable to clients when examining the legal defensibility of hiring systems.

Prior to joining Select, Bryan served as Vice President and Corporate Counsel for the consulting division of the largest provider of orthopaedic devices in the world. In this capacity, he worked closely with the senior leadership of over 100 hospitals in the U.S. and abroad on service line improvement and physician-hospital alignment strategies. He continues to speak and write, particularly, on the physician-hospital relationship and physician employment.

As a private practice attorney, Bryan focused on healthcare regulatory matters and employment law. He is a member of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration. He has a Masters Degree from Boston University and graduated from Duquesne University School of Law.

About Select International

Select International has been an expert in the area of employee selection and development for more than two decades. Their Healthcare Solutions combine that experience with an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Select International creates the workforce healthcare customers need through tailored selection and development solutions. These include organization-wide competency models, healthcare-specific behavioral assessments, interview training tools and selection process design.

To learn more visit: www.selectinternational.com

Episode 4:  Joan Wynn: Building the Organizational Will to Create a Culture of Safety 


April 2017

Joan Wynn is the Chief Quality Patient Safety Officer at Vidant Health in Greenville, North Carolina, and was recently named as one of the top patient safety experts in the country. In this episode you’ll hear how a tragic patient safety event was the catalyst that led the health system to transform its culture. Dr. Wynn shares how engaging the Board in quality and safety created a foundation for meaningful and sustainable change. She also discusses the role of patient and family advisors and how their stories introduce a human face behind the numbers. Learn how leadership focus and attention, transparency of process and outcomes data, and engaging frontline staff have allowed Vidant to build a lasting culture of safety.

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About Joan Wynn

About Joan D. Wynn

Dr. Wynn has been with Vidant Health since 1990.  She held various leadership roles in patient care services at Vidant Medical Center before joining the corporate staff in 2005 to establish the corporate quality division.  In 2007 Dr. Wynn assumed executive leadership for the system quality division and was promoted to Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer in 2008.  In addition, in 2015 Dr. Wynn assumed the role of President of Vidant Home Health and Hospice, the systems’ Home Health/Hospice and Wellness Center subsidiary.  

Dr. Wynn earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Maryland, a master’s in nursing from Johns Hopkins University, and a PhD in nursing from East Carolina University.  She is certified as a professional in healthcare quality (CPHQ).  

Dr. Wynn serves on the Board of the North Carolina Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety, completed a two year term as the Chair of the VHA Central Atlantic Performance Improvement Council, and served as a member of the 2014-2015 North Carolina Institute of Medicine Patient Family Engagement Task Force.  Dr. Wynn was named to Becker’s Hospital Review 2014 List of 50 Experts Leading the Field of Patient Safety.  

Episode 3:  Normand Desmarais: Training with the Brain in Mind


March 2017

Normand Desmarais is chairman and founding partner of Tier 1 Performance Solutions and Xcelerated Learning Dynamics, Inc., a HealthStream partner. Having spent the last 30 years researching the science of adult learning, Norm firmly believes that understanding how the human brain works is key to helping individuals develop and perform at their absolute very best. In this episode, Norm shares his research on a type of learning where students are trained only on what they don't already know—a concept known as personalized learning. "From a profit and loss standpoint, personalized learning is the most efficient learning delivery system, period. Ultimately, you’ve got to assess individuals and find out where their current state is, and then provide them only with the knowledge and information they need in order to get to a [higher] performance level." Norm also shares his insights into how learning must evolve to meet the pace of innovation and change in healthcare.

Download: xcel-HCAHPS: A New Approach for Improving Patient Satisfaction
About Normand Desmarais

About Normand Desmarais

Norm Desmarais serves as Chairman of TiER1 Performance Solutions and CEO of Xcelerated Learning Dynamics. Since 1989, Norm has founded several high tech companies serving industries including Fortune 500, Government, Department of Defense, and Healthcare. Prior to starting companies, Norm worked in the aerospace industry for General Electric and Raytheon. TiER1 Performance Solutions has been recognized for ten straight years on Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies in the US and received 2007 and 2008 US Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award. Norm was the 2007 SBA Kentucky Small Business Person of the Year. Norm currently serves on the Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents, Gateway Community and Technical College Foundation Board and the State of Kentucky’s Commission for Small Business Advocacy. Norm holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Fitchburg State College and a MBA from Western New England College.

To learn more about Tier 1 Performance Solutions or Xcelerated Learning Dynamics, visit their websites at:

Episode 2:  Dick Finnegan: Can Five Simple Questions Help Retain Your Best Employees?


February 2017

Dick Finnegan is the CEO of C-Suite Analytics and the author of four books, including the best seller The Power of Stay Interviews. Dick has worked with companies across the globe seeking to understand what makes employees tick, and perhaps most importantly, what makes good employees stay. Through the power of Stay Interviews, Dick has identified the specific questions that can help managers establish trust and pick up on the early warning signs of an employee who is not engaged. Tune in to see if five simple questions could help you keep your best employees.  

Download: "Develop Happy Employees Who Deliver the Best Care", an eBook on Employee Engagement
About Dick Finnegan

About Dick Finnegan

Dick Finnegan is the CEO of C-Suite Analytics, a company that provides employee engagement and retention solutions. He is the author of The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention, which is a top-selling SHRM-published book. His experience includes solving turnover and engagement in Siberian banks, African gold mines, multi-national corporations in China, and for the CIA, as well as for healthcare, call centers, manufacturing, and other industries in the U.S. His other books include Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad. BusinessWeek said, Finnegan offers fresh thinking for solving the turnover problem in any economy. He also wrote The Stay Interview: A Manager’s Guide to Keeping the Best and Brightest, and HR’s Greatest Challenge: Driving the C-Suite to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention. He holds bachelors and graduate degrees from The Pennsylvania State University and lives in Orlando, Florida, where The Orlando Sentinel newspaper published an editorial recognizing Dick for his extensive donations of professional services to non-profit organizations.

To learn more about Dick’s company and his books visit: c-suiteanalytics.com

Episode 1:  Miles Snowden, M.D.: A Big Change is Coming for Physicians


January 2017

Dr. Miles Snowden, the Chief Medical Officer at TeamHealth, shares his personal insight on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), and what it means for physicians, hospitals, and consumers. Dr. Snowden has seen a lot of changes throughout his career, but none so impactful as the implementation of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System. “If you think about half of the 880,000 physicians in the United States today being in groups of insufficient size to survive this change, you can begin to understand that this is not just about an additional burden of reporting. This is a fundamental change in how physicians organize themselves.” 

Download the latest issue of Provider Advisor magazine
About Dr. Snowden

About Dr. Snowden

Dr. Snowden has more than 30 years of clinical leadership experience and serves as chief medical officer of TeamHealth. Prior to joining TeamHealth, Dr. Snowden served as the chief medical officer for Optum, the services division of UnitedHealth Group. Previously, he also served as chief medical officer at both UnitedHealthcare and Delta Air Lines. Prior to these positions, Dr. Snowden held a private practice in Louisville, Kentucky, and founded an occupational health consulting business. Dr. Snowden received his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He completed an internal medicine residency from the University of Alabama-Birmingham and is board certified in internal medicine and preventative medicine. Dr. Snowden also holds a Masters of Public Health degree.

About TEAMHealth

TeamHealth is one of the largest providers of outsourced physician staffing solutions for hospitals in the United States. Through its 19 regional locations and multiple service lines, TeamHealth’s more than 19,000 affiliated healthcare professionals provide emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesia, urgent care, specialty hospitalist and pediatric staffing, and management services to approximately 90 civilian and military hospitals, clinics, and physician groups across the nation. 


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Director of Talent Development & Performance, HealthStream

Brad has worked with our customers for more than 10 years as a coach and product manager in healthcare measurement, accountability, and performance improvement. Believing that ideas can change the world, Brad is committed to inspiring listeners through thought-provoking interviews with healthcare experts and leaders. "I'm excited to be talking to healthcare experts who will make us think in new ways and bring ideas and approaches for tackling healthcare's biggest challenges." In addition to hosting Second Opinions, Brad oversees product development for HealthStream's Talent Development and Performance solutions. He also speaks nationally on performance improvement and accountability.

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