February is an exciting month at HealthStream. As our team comes together to celebrate Heart Month, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on our commitment to changing the statistics surrounding sudden cardiac arrest. HealthStream’s resuscitation solutions are created with one goal in mind: to improve the quality of healthcare by assessing and developing the people who deliver care. And with over 5 million resuscitation course completions, we’re doing just that. We believe that survival from sudden cardiac arrest can and must become the norm rather than the exception.

Join us for Heart Month and beyond as we continue to not only look for improvements in the way healthcare professionals are trained in resuscitation but also to remain a leader in advanced  resuscitation technologies.


  • 23%
    of patients survive in-hospital cardiac arrest
  • 135
    million cardiac arrest deaths in the world each year
  • 17%-20%
    survival-to-discharge rate for adults who suffer in-hospital cardiac arrest

eBook: Breathing New Life into Your Training Program

There are more than 135 million cardiac deaths in the world each year. In addition, the prevalence of heart disease is increasing while the survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) remain relatively low, ranging from just 2 to 11%. The survival rates for in-hospital SCA are only slightly better at 24.8%. It is clear that high-quality CPR can make a difference in these rates, but what has not been so clear is the best way to improve the quality of CPR. This eBook takes a closer look at the industry trends and the solutions to help achieve high-quality CPR.

Introducing ILCOR

Learn about the process ILCOR uses to create the treatment recommendations that influence resuscitation guidelines published throughout the world.

Let Us Help You Improve Your Resuscitation Outcomes

Every patient deserves high-quality CPR and the best chance at survival. Yet, with different trainers, over time, it’s almost impossible to provide consistent and standardized CPR training. HealthStream has supported thousands of healthcare organizations by providing a consistent, cost-effective method for CPR training that can help ensure better outcomes for every patient, every time.

Wherever you are on your journey, HealthStream can help you achieve the resuscitation outcomes you need.

Products To Help You On Your Journey

Many healthcare providers do not perform CPR as a normal part of their daily practice. As CPR compression and ventilation skills degrade from lack of use and practice, this can literally become a matter of life and death. HealthStream provides resuscitation solutions to help healthcare providers retain life-saving CPR skills, reduce training costs and time, and streamline certification renewals to stay current, stay competent, and stay compliant.

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