• 84%
    of healthcare leaders place the patient experience among their top three priorities.
  • Up to 9%
    of a hospital's total reimbursement is at risk based on performance.
  • 30%
    of Medicare payments will be tied to quality of care by the end of 2016.

The New Rules of Patient Experience:

Creating Sustainable Improvements Across the Care Continuum

Improving the experience of care is front-of-mind for today's healthcare leaders and has a significant bottom-line impact. But how do you ensure your workforce is competent and engaged? How do you prepare for impending survey changes? And how do non-acute settings impact the experience across the care continuum? Download the free eBook with valuable information for leaders who are addressing this complex challenge.

Confidence: The Two Sides of the Coin

Confidence in healthcare is important to both patients and providers. Patients need to have confidence in the care they receive, while providers need to be confident that they can keep their patients safe and help them achieve their desired outcome. Addressing the obstacles on both sides is critical for an improved experience and communication is the key to tackling the confidence gap. Do your patients, nurses, and providers have the assurance they need to feel confident in their outcomes?

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Desired Outcomes

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for addressing the complicated challenge of instilling confidence in your workforce to improve the experience of those receiving care. We understand the real problems facing healthcare leaders and we've created solutions to address even the most difficult challenges. The best part—it's all possible in one place, HealthStream.

Wherever you are on your journey, HealthStream can help put all the pieces in the right place—creating a tailor-made solution specific to your organization. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve the outcomes you need.

Our Complete Patient Experience Solution

HealthStream represents a complete patient experience solution, one that not only identifies obstacles from objective data, but also applies strategically designed products and services to create tailor-made plans for the patient experience. Learn more about the products we offer that can positively impact patient experience at your organization.

HealthStream Engagement Institute

The HealthStream Engagement Institute was founded to help healthcare organizations improve the quality of the patient experience.

Our tools, tactics and best practices are evidence-based and outcomes driven. We offer custom coaching that produces measureable, sustainable increases in patient satisfaction, employee engagement, quality outcomes, and profitability.

Employee Engagement

Track and measure employee satisfaction and engagement. Improve results with HealthStream analytics, action planning, and coaching to ensure organizational alignment, retention, and improved quality of care.

Patient Experience Surveys

By phone, mail, and email, HealthStream's patient, physician, employee, and community surveys are designed to generate meaningful and actionable data giving you the insights you need to impact the patient experience and foster an engaged staff.

Competency Center

Competency management for healthcare is unlike any other industry. It's more than just a matter of job performance and compliance reporting when lives are at stake.

Measure and compare competence with HealthStream's industry-leading Competency Center & Library, including 3,400+ clinical and non-clinical competencies across the continuum of care. The Competency Center gives you validated tools that positively impact clinical outcomes, patient safety and satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and other strategic initiatives such as improved rates of readmission.

HealthStream Learning Center

Choose from over 20,000 evidence-based online courses from respected associations and thought leaders or create your own eLearning with our user-friendly authoring tools-all delivered on the #1 learning management system in healthcare, the HealthStream Learning Center.

Physician Solutions

Physicians are facing unprecedented challenges and when they aren't properly aligned with organizational goals, retention suffers - and so do outcomes, patient experience, and reimbursements. HealthStream offers a series of Physician Insights surveys, custom coaching and assessment options to help hospitals support the various needs of their physicians

Hire the Right People

Find and acquire candidates with the right culture and job fit using the HealthStream Recruiting Center and proven selection and verification tools including behavior and skills assessments, credential management, and sanction screening.

Accelerate and refine your talent acquisition strategy with its tactical tools and functionality for streamlining workflow, improving candidate experience, and ensuring accountability and compliance. Recruiters and hiring managers work smarter with tools to track and manage all recruiting activities in a single place. With comprehensive reports and analytics for more informed decision making, you can hire the people you need for the results you want to achieve.

Case Management Solution

Case managers, utilization review professionals, social workers, and others working in these roles can impact the quality of care, reimbursement, and patient satisfaction – all necessary focus areas for sustainability in the new era of healthcare. Strengthen the critical link between clinical and financial operations with Precyse University™ Case Management Solution.


Promote, monitor, and maintain clinical excellence by sponsoring unlimited access to thousands of CE/CME activities with CECenter™ for Nurses & Allied Health or CECenter™ for Physicians and CME info.

Integrated with the HealthStream Learning Center, CECenter™ offers unlimited access to education and a new, student-focused interface. Our clinical CE library for Nurses, Allied Health, and Pharmacy includes over 1,800 CE titles and 40 specialty certification prep programs.

Leadership & Orientation

HealthStream partners with top nursing associations to provide expert thought leadership, clinical courseware, evidence-based training, and professional development courses for new and seasoned clinicians designed for perinatal, critical care, med-surg, perioperative, and other specialty settings.

Meeting the highest standards of eLearning, HealthStream's specialty courseware helps optimize competency for healthcare's greatest population of caregivers. 

Nurse Residency Pathway

HealthStream's new Nurse Residency Pathway is a structured yet flexible program designed to effectively close the academic-to-practice game and retain safe, competent, and confident nurse beginners.

Clinical Revenue Cycle Education

Unfortunately, physicians, nurses, medical technicians, schedulers, patient access, and billers are often inadequately trained on processes and leading practices of the revenue cycle or the business of healthcare. nThrive Education Clinical Revenue Cycle solution will help mitigate financial and compliance risk, optimize patient satisfaction, and cultivate a more resilient revenue cycle. 

HeartCode and Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI)

Many healthcare providers do not perform CPR as a normal part of their daily practice. As CPR compression and ventilation skills degrade from lack of use and practice, this can literally become a matter of life and death for your patients. Today, resuscitation training resources are being stretched more than ever. Trainers are overwhelmed, classroom space is limited, and schedules are conflicted. Fortunately, HealthStream provides resuscitation solutions to help healthcare providers retain life-saving CPR skills, reduce training costs and time, and streamline certification renewals to stay current, stay competent, and stay compliant. Provide high-quality CPR to every patient, every time.

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