Infographic: Bridging the Gap

Building Nurse Confidence from Education to Practice
New nurses are in high demand, and new graduates face a number of transition challenges that can lead to low confidence and high turnover. In addition, replacing nurses is expensive, costing one to one and a half times an annual salary. HealthStream’s Nurse Residency Pathway uses an intelligent, analytical approach to help with managing and onboarding new nurses-- in a cohesive and effective manner. The result is an increase in job satisfaction, new grad competence, and most importantly, patient safety.

  • 50%
    of candidates will base their decision to work for you on your hiring process
  • 31%
    of new nurses leave after the 2nd year
  • 10-15%
    of average hospitals are staffed
    by new graduates

eBook: The Steady Path to Caregiver Confidence

Onboarding & Developing People for Improved Outcomes
Effectively onboarding and developing your healthcare employees is foundational for ensuring optimal clinical and business outcomes. But how do you develop caregivers that are confident in their roles? How do you instill that confidence in new nurses entering your workforce? And what methods do you use to prepare those with the most potential to move into leadership roles? Download this free eBook with valuable insight for healthcare leaders contending with this complex challenge.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Desired Outcomes

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for addressing the complicated challenge of hiring, onboarding and developing a confident workforce.  We understand the real problems facing healthcare leaders and we've created solutions to address even the most difficult challenges. The best part—it's all possible in one place, HealthStream.

Wherever you are on your journey, HealthStream can help put all the pieces in the right place—creating a tailor-made solution specific to your organization. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve the outcomes you need.

Tools To Help You On Your Journey

HealthStream has spent the past 25 years building products and solutions to help you solve the biggest challenges
facing your workforce. Learn more about the tools that can help you hire the right people
- and develop them into a high performing team.

Train Staff to Perform High-Quality CPR and Improve Responses to Cardiovascular Emergencies

Every patient deserves the best developed workforce. But today, resuscitation training resources are being stretched more than ever. Trainers are overwhelmed, classroom space is limited, and schedules are conflicted. HealthStream provides Resuscitation solutions to help reduce training costs and time, and streamline certification renewals to stay current, stay competent, and stay compliant. 

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