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The New Rules of Patient Experience:

Creating Sustainable Improvements Across the Care Continuum

Improving the experience of care is front-of-mind for today's healthcare leaders and has a significant bottom-line impact. But how do you ensure your workforce is competent and engaged? How do you prepare for impending survey changes? And how do non-acute settings impact the experience across the care continuum? Download the free eBook with valuable information for leaders who are addressing this complex challenge.

Confidence: The Two Sides of the Coin

Confidence in healthcare is important to both patients and providers. Patients need to have confidence in the care they receive, while providers need to be confident that they can keep their patients safe and help them achieve their desired outcome. Addressing the obstacles on both sides is critical for an improved experience and communication is the key to tackling the confidence gap. Do your patients, nurses, and providers have the assurance they need to feel confident in their outcomes?

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You spend your days creating exceptional experiences for others, now it’s time you had your own extraordinary experience! Share with us how you are creating exceptional experiences for your patients and celebrating those who provide those experiences and be registered to win a well-deserved $500 Southwest gift card. Even high-flying patient experience pros need a lift now and then.

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