Key 2018 Survey Findings About Medical Staff Credentialing - Part 1

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Our survey of medical staff credentialing professionals occurred December 2017 – January 2018. This survey was conducted independently by VerityStream. The previous survey, conducted in 2016 and published in 2017, was performed cooperatively with NAMSS. Responses changed from the previous survey to this survey. In the current survey, we also added some metrics about the credentialing process that the industry badly needs to understand and has requested.

You’ll see that organizations are still working hard to improve their credentialing processes, but there is still much to be accomplished. VerityStream hopes that the information provided in the report linked to this post will be valuable to healthcare industry leaders and help to determine future directions for their improvement efforts.


  1. Similar to findings in 2017, most medical services professionals in the 2018 survey are “extremely” or “very” satisfied with the quality of the credentialing and privileging processes at their organization, but many still indicate there is room for improvement.

  2. In both 2017 and 2018, almost all medical services professionals listed “process improvement” and “provider data management” as highly important initiatives.

  3. Internal resource constraints and competing priorities were mentioned as the most common impediments to progress across the four initiatives.

    data management
  4. In 2018, ten of the 27 activities monitored had been fully or partially successfully implemented by more than 50% of survey respondents. Of these ten, there were three areas (noted in yellow) in which the percentage of respondents indicating full or partial implementation had increased.

  5. The vast majority of survey respondents have been unable to FULLY, successfully implement the eight activities within the Process Improvement Initiative; however, a much higher percentage have been able to at least PARTIALLY implement many of the activities.


For more complete survey results, click here.

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