Resuscitation Coaching Best Practices to Improve Clinician Competency

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

The following online resuscitation training best practices for coaching have been found to help organizations as they pilot, adopt, or renew a HeartCode program that exemplifies a strong commitment to quality CPR. Used alongside the Five Best Practice Pillars and focused on an effort to improve clinician competency in resuscitation, this model provides the framework to cultivate a successful and sustainable HeartCode program evidenced through a hospital staff’s ability to respond to emergent patient care situations with confidence and competence.

Align: The coaching experience begins with the completion of a readiness assessment and a discussion with the leadership team that has the responsibility to establish and implement HeartCode. This discussion will lead to the establishment of unique goals for the organization that will help develop the vision for the program.

Develop: A comprehensive, customized coaching algorithm will be developed from the findings of the readiness assessment. This will serve as direction for the organization in the preparation of both staff and resources to launch a pilot or new HeartCode program, revive a dormant program, or further grow an existing program. In the HealthStream model, a HealthStream Resuscitation Coach will work with the organization and team to plan for the program launch.

Execute: Next, the organization begins completing action items from the customized development plan. These items may include training webinars, phone calls with the Resuscitation Coach to address progress and problems, on-site visits from the Resuscitation Coach for coaching sessions, and site visit summary reports.

Master: An organization is considered to have reached Mastery of HeartCode when all elements of the 5 Pillars are complete, all resources to run the program are set up, tested, and working, and those given the responsibility to administrate, coach, and/or maintain resources are trained and demonstrate confidence in their competency to execute the program. After this point, at which time you should be able to demonstrate success in efforts to improve clinician competency, the coaching support is provided through quarterly follow-up for one year from the launch of the new or revived HeartCode program Mastery. This is done through an individual or group phone call or additional site visits.

Sustain: From the beginning, the Resuscitation Coach will look at long-term possibilities, opportunities, and challenges with the hospital’s HeartCode team. Program development and sustainability suggestions will be given, including ongoing program evaluation, consistent and current policies, interest and engagement, and gathering reliable data.

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