Six Webinar Recordings about Improving Healthcare Talent Management

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Solving big problems in healthcare, retention and turnover in healthcare staff, is part of HealthStream’s DNA and a principle that we’ve enshrined in our corporate constitution. Below you’ll find links to multiple recorded Webinars about overcoming challenges common to talent management efforts in healthcare.

  • 5 Ways to Drive Business Decisions with Workforce Data

    As the role of human resources in healthcare changes, it is critical for HR leaders to be prepared to back up their workforce decisions with data. Join Ted Kinney, Vice President of Research and Development, and Bryan Warren, Director of Healthcare Solutions at Select International, to discuss five practical ways to drive business decisions using data you already have, and explore the many ways data driven decision making can have an impact across your entire organization.

  • Using Leadership Development to Address Retention and Succession

    Leadership Development is integral to any healthcare organization's success. Join Leadership Development Director, Christine Buell, of Avera Health, to discuss key strategies for implementing, executing, and measuring leadership development programs. Through simple yet strategic planning, Christine will show you how leadership development can address your organization's succession challenges and positively impact retention rates.

  • 7 Secrets for Hiring the Right People – A Conversation with Hiring Experts

    In a time when retention and turnover rates are higher than ever before, it's crucial that your hiring strategy be strategic and effective. Join St. Joseph Health System and CGH Medical Center as they discuss 7 Secrets For Hiring the Right People, and the impact your recruitment strategy can have on retention, turnover, and your bottom line. Led by moderator Liz Wamsteeker, leaders will learn innovative hiring strategies, while being challenged to think differently about recruitment as a whole.

  • Get Your Money’s Worth: The Value of Compensation and Benefits

    In times when your bottom line is cut thin, it's crucial to understand how compensation and benefits programs can influence recruitment, retention, and overall employee satisfaction. Join HR expert, Zachary Weinberger, as he outlines the keys to creative compensation. Including; benefits programs, employee rewards, and redesigning your talent management strategy with a deeper understanding of everything involved in compensation and benefits.

  • The Road to Victory: How One Healthcare Organization Faced the Challenge of Training and Onboarding

    In this webinar Genesis Health System shares its success in meeting the challenge of training and onboarding by implementing a faster, more comprehensive process for educating employees on new medical technology. 

  • The 5 Tallest Hurdles to Developing Healthcare Leaders

    In this webinar you will learn from leading experts at Franklin Covey, Select International, & The HealthStream Engagement Institute as they offer effective methods for overcoming the 5 biggest challenges in healthcare leadership development.