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New Training for Senior Living/Long Term Care Staff from IPCed

As an introduction to IPCed, a new HealthStream courseware partner, we asked Sharon K. Brothers, MSW, CEO, the following questions. HealthStream is proud to offer this training courseware for senior care staff. 

Can you tell us about IPCed and your expertise?  

The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) is a national senior care training and certification organization dedicated to providing education to caregivers and staff, from entry level to leadership professionals. Our content has historically been distributed through three primary brands, aQuire Training Solutions, Medifecta Healthcare Training, and Easy CEU using both online and DVD-based, instructor-led training. Today, it is distributed through these brands as well as our relationship with HealthStream, which now allows our content to be accessible to providers using the HealthStream platform.

IPCed has been delivering home care worker training through the aQuire Training Solutions division for the past six years. Hundreds of hours of online aQuire courses are available in various content libraries. 

IPCed’s Medifecta Healthcare Training, the DVD and instructor-resource division, has been in business for over 20 years. IPCed has developed and delivered blended training programs designed to prepare home care aides in Washington and other states through the CarePro program. Additionally, IPCed's team develops and provides Personal Care Aide training, Home Health Aide, and CNA training programs extensively throughout the US, both in DVD format designed for instructor-led training and in blended format, with an online component delivering the didactic training and a detailed Instructor Guide provided for the skills training component. 

The IPCed principals have led training organizations that certified over 80,000 instructors and 10 million students using various e-learning and skills-based medical training programs. During these years, extensive training guides, experiential learning programs, and multi-sensory training tools have been developed and used by the IPCed team. 

What kinds of courseware can HealthStream customers get from IPCed via the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC)?  

IPCed is providing over 200 hours of training content through the HLC. This content ranges from basic caregiving skills training to dementia care, hospice/end of life care, and a wide range of training topics appropriate for the long term, post-acute care professional. 

What are some of the big challenges you help care organizations address?  

IPCed helps organizations stay in compliance with their state training requirements by providing new caregiver certification and continuing education courses. In addition, IPCed helps improve the quality of care by delivering engaging interactive content that helps teach skills and improves retention.

Can you share any specific stories about customer achievements using your courseware?  

In a recent survey of IPCed clients, we learned that our clients experience less than half the turnover rate experienced by the typical long term care provider and see measurable increases in their levels of customer satisfaction. Having a workforce that is better trained and has a higher skill level than typical—or than the minimal required level—clearly results in improved business success. 

Do you have any new products on which you are working? 

IPCed employs a full time regulatory specialist to monitor changes in state training requirements for caregivers, administrators, nurses, and other staff. We also have a content development staff and are continuously developing new online courses as training requirements change. 

Among the newly developed products are certification programs designed to meet new regulations such as Arkansas’s new 1410 requirement for In Home Assistant certification. IPCed offers a blended solution to providers needing to meet this new requirement. 

Why did a partnership with HealthStream make sense for IPCed?  

IPCed’s strengths are content development, including creating high quality, easy-to-use distance learning courseware. IPCed does not have a national sales force or the resources to invest in large scale marketing campaigns. This partnership makes sense for IPCed because HealthStream has an excellent LMS platform to deliver IPCed content and has made a serious commitment to provide online training and other solutions to the post-acute care market. 

What are some urgent challenges in senior care for which you think organizations need to start preparing?  

We anticipate a tremendous shortage in trained caregivers and skilled care in the next ten years. Organizations that provide extensive skills and continuing education training to their caregivers are known to have higher employee satisfaction, lower caregiver turnover, and are generally more profitable and successful. 

In addition, increased training requirements are being proposed in many states, from California (for both Assisted Living and in-home care) to the national stage, where higher standards for training nationwide are being discussed. As higher training requirements are implemented organizations will have urgent needs for content that specifically meets their requirements, making it easy for them to stay in compliance with these new requirements.