How HealthStream Can Help With Post-Acute Care Issues

As a premier provider of measurement, assessment, and consultative services, HealthStream uses empirically proven methods to improve the system of care in post-acute/long-term care facilities.  With services ranging from strategic planning to accountability and alignment of care units, we offer products, services, and facilitators to improve post-acute/long-term care. Using proven methods such as Words That Work™, RELATE ™, Purposeful Rounding, and a laser-focused approach to Patient-Centered Care, our coaches provide an unparalleled range of services to facilitate rapid and sustainable improvement in the post-acute/long-term care environment.

As a major provider of measurement and assessment tools, we are also well-positioned to help frame the evolution of the post-acute care/long term care industry. With the advent of HCAHPS and the recent emergence of CAHPS Nursing Home Surveys, a new level of transparency and assessment of individual facilities has emerged.  For example, a potential resident and his/her family can access the Consumer Reporting Section of the CAHPS website at to evaluate the ratings of a particular provider.  This comparative analysis makes improved care by post-acute care providers and staff essential in order to drive business to your facility. 

In a culture of caring, there is a shared vision, there is total transparency, there are no excuses, and the patient/resident is at the center of everything we do. HealthStream is committed to achieving and sustaining this successful model through the Five Keys to Patient/Resident Centered Excellence:

  1. Create and Maintain a Great Culture
  2. Select and Retain Great Employees
  3. Commit to Service Excellence
  4. Continuously Develop Greta Leaders
  5. Hardwire Success through Systems of Accountability

These Five Keys to Patient-/Resident-Centered Excellence are at the heart of the framework for success and sustainability, using our evidence-based, proven tools and tactics and best practices.

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