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Creating a Culture of Trust in Healthcare

One of the biggest factors in retention is creating and maintaining a culture of trust.  Some statistics that support this fact come from HealthStream’s Employee Insight survey of 211,174 healthcare employees. Trust in administration (the degree to which you trust administration) was the top driver of organizational engagement.  This data clearly demonstrates the need for trust in leadership from the executive team to the front line director.

There are several tools and tactics to help build that trust.  Building trust begins with an inspiring culture, including a robust onboarding process.  It is important that the executive team is an integral part of employee orientation. Early engagement with new employees will facilitate adoption of the vision, mission, and values of the organization through identifying expectations for all those participating in the orientation.  Understanding individual accountability for one’s own behavior is also established at this time.  Everyone starts with a full understanding of their importance to the organization and the need to be full “owners” of the organizational culture. 

After orientation, the leader of the new employee should meet with him/her at the 30, 60 and 90 day marks.  At those times it is crucial to understand whether the new employee found everything they learned in orientation to be true.  By checking in at these key milestones, the leader can determine any gaps or barriers to the success of the new employee, thus ensuring their loyalty to the organization.

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