blogpost 03082016

Talent Tuesdays: Increase Efficiency and Simplicity in Healthcare Compensation Management

This blog post is part of our ongoing TALENT TUESDAYS weekly series focused on how to improve talent management at healthcare organizations. Every patient deserves the best care, which can only come from the best developed workforce. That’s why more than 4,000 organizations across the continuum of care use our platform to manage talent—improving their people in order to provide the best care to millions.

Increasing efficiency and accuracy is essential in today’s compensation planning process. Though common sense, this change is often hard because current workflow is so ingrained in our day to day activities. Error-prone, manual processes leave leaders with questions that aren’t quickly, or accurately, answered. Automation can help organizations to reach meaningful outcomes--our data shows workflow efficiency improving by up to 40% for line managers and 26% for HR departments overall. Increasing efficiency allows more time for higher-ROI activities. The result is higher confidence in the process and decreased burden on managers and compensation planners.

Watch the video below for our 2nd key takeaway from the webinar: 7 Keys to Rewarding and Engaging your Staff.


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