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A Better Way to Train for New Medical Products and Devices: Customer Spotlight

Genesis Health System in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois implemented HealthStream’s OneSource Medical Product Training and improved their processes for introducing new medical products to the Genesis network. HealthStream’s OneSource provides engaging, interactive courseware that gives employees the opportunity to learn and train on medical products—often with virtual simulations—from a wide range of manufacturers. Because it is all online, employees can train at any time and from any place. Genesis’s achievements from this initiative include:

  • A faster, more comprehensive process for introducing new technology
  • A blended learning environment for medical product training that allows both video learning modules and practical hands-on training to build competency more quickly and effectively
  • Better processes to ensure employees are thoroughly educated on new medical technology
  • A higher staff compliance percentage because training is ongoing and more readily available
  • A more efficient means to track compliance
  • Minimal interruption to patient care


Prior to implementing OneSource, Genesis introduced new medical technology and devices to staff in much the same way as many hospitals. The vendor would spend a few days introducing the new technology, usually while staff were working. The process did not support staff who were busy with patients, working a different shift, or away from the unit during the limited time trainers were available and present. This process left the health system with no way to ensure that all employees had received the training. Also, it was cumbersome for the health system to monitor and left significant gaps in employee competence with new medical technology and devices.


Genesis was incorporating an upgraded care device and wanted to mirror the manufacturer’s best practices and recommendations for implementation, which included a blended learning approach that incorporates video learning modules as a prerequisite to hands-on training. The hands-on training is offered to employees outside of their units to ensure that workday distractions are minimized. To implement these recommendations, Genesis partnered with HealthStream to ensure that all end users would be thoroughly trained on the product before educators arrived for hands-on training. HealthStream’s OneSource allows for easy course assignment with automated tracking and reporting and insightful analytics that provide data on course completion and training effectiveness.


The blended model proved much more effective than the “shotgun” approach of a typical vendor’s site visit for training. The videos help trigger recall of critical information, which can make the learning process faster and also helps to ensure that the learning really becomes imbedded in the staff’s clinical practice. A small group environment facilitates real learning as well as the sharing and adoption of best practices. Bard provides more one-on-one time and small groups to drive home how to use the technology and reinforce overall best practices and clinical education. 

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