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Communication is Vital for Better Healthcare Outcomes: PX Advisor

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for good communication. Research shows that communication is a key driver of clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and even our own career advancement. Here are just a few insights about communication in healthcare to consider:

  • The Joint Commission lists communication as the third leading cause of sentinel events, behind only human factors and leadership.
  • Studies show that patients with a clear understanding of their post-hospital care instructions are 30% less likely to be readmitted to the hospital or to visit the ED.
  • Nurse-to-patient communication is a key driver of patient satisfaction and engagement.
  • Use of technology such as text messaging and email in place of direct person-to-person interaction may be contributing to communication breakdowns among medical professionals.
  • It has been estimated that 65% - 80% of all jobs are found through social networking.

In this issue of the PX Advisor, we take a deeper look at communication. We interview PR-expert Debbie Landers on how healthcare leaders can best communicate CAHPS scores—whether good or bad—in their marketplace. HFMA spokesperson Katie Gilfillan discusses the challenges of communicating financial information to patients in this new age of healthcare consumerism. We also speak with Linda Knodel, Mercy Health’s SVP and CNO who recently won ACHE’s highest honor for leadership—the first nurse to ever receive this commendation. She talks about the role networking played in her career advancement, the importance of communication in new team care models, and our obligation to transfer information to a new generation of nurses who are entering management and leadership roles in healthcare. We hope this information is helpful to you in managing communication processes within your own organization.

At HealthStream, we look forward to hearing more about your communication challenges over the coming months. As always, we are honored to work with you and we hope your New Year is off to a good start.

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