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Six Steps to Patient-Centered Excellence in the ED: Discovery Paper

This blog post is an excerpt from our discovery paper, Patient-Centered Excellence in the Emergency Department

As the healthcare industry evolves, leaders continue to search for new and more effective ways to meet the growing demands and expectations of patients, payors, and regulators. In no place is this more true than in a hospital’s emergency department (ED) where leaders face mounting pressure to improve metrics and achieve better outcomes in a fast-paced, hectic environment, often with fewer resources. HealthStream Engagement Institute coaches follow a six point plan for enhancing the performance of an emergency department that incorporates the HealthStream Engagement Institute’s coaching model. The six points are: align culture with vision, develop accountable leaders, select and retain engaged staff, commit to patient-centered behavior and flow, execute the plan, and master and sustain results. Many high-performing ED leaders have followed a similar path and have discovered how the points build upon each other to yield the desired outcomes.

The Six-Point Plan for ED Success includes:

  • Align the ED Culture with the Organizational Vision
  • Develop Accountable Leaders
  • Select and Retain an Engaged Group of Staff and Physicians
  • Commit to Patient-Centered Behaviors, Tactics, and Flow
  • Execute, Measure, and Communicate the Plan
  • Hardwire and Sustain Results

The six points (explained in detail in this discovery paper) in the HealthStream Engagement Institute approach provide a framework for leaders to follow for creating their own roadmap. Sustainable success requires a persistent focus on results from genuine leaders who work consistently to transform an ED from its status quo to a results-based, high-performing department. For more information on the HealthStream Engagement Institute, please visit

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