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Making a Difference in Healthcare Employee Engagement

By Katie Owens, Vice President, HealthStream Engagement Institute

Dear Leader,

As you are reading this blog you are three times more engaged than the teams you lead. On your good days and on the bad days, your engagement is significantly higher than the people on the front lines of your organization. Hands down, you possess the most power to influence workforce engagement and can make a most profound impact in improving the key drivers of engagement. When we conducted our National Benchmarking study, Jim Eggers and I had a simple goal in mind—to equip healthcare leaders like you with the information to make a difference.

The Current Reality of Healthcare Employee Engagement

Nationally, employee engagement has remained stagnant between 2013 and 2016. During this time, only 38% of the healthcare workforce is actively engaged with their organizations, and 12% is disengaged—the remaining 50% are in the middle. Forty-five percent of employees intend to stay with their organization for the next several years. It is critical to proceed with caution when selecting new hires—these individuals must be aligned with your organizational values. At the same time, you have to ensure that those who intend to stay are the right employees.

5 Ways to Create More Workplace Joy

Making the Biggest Impact for Staff

In our study, we outlined the most significant drivers of workforce engagement (e.g., those items that have been demonstrated statistically to make the biggest difference in overall engagement items) which include:

  1. Administrator Trust: The degree to which you trust administrators
  2. Managing the Facility: How well administrators direct the overall functions of this facility
  3. Employee Recognition: How well leaders treat, appreciate, and support employees
  4. Communication: How openly and honestly administration communicates
  5. Understanding Needs: How well administrators understand the needs of your department

While these points are a glimpse into the state of workforce engagement, I hope you will take the opportunity to review our full findings. At HealthStream, we believe every patient deserves the best developed and engaged workforce. We want to start a conversation about the realities of workforce engagement and spur solutions to make each day rewarding and joyful for ourselves as individuals, co-workers, and those we are privileged to lead.

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