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Healthcare Emergencies Don’t Come with Multiple Choice Questions

Many assessment tools attempt to measure a clinician’s clinical competency by asking the employee a series of multiple choice questions. That is not going to be what a staff member experiences when faced with a patient’s healthcare crisis. In our article excerpted here, “Using Artificial Intelligence to Assess Critical Thinking for Healthcare,” HealthStream’s Joe Caracci, MBA, BSN, RN; AVP, Clinical Assessments writes about the importance of ensuring clinicians are able to do their jobs by measuring their knowledge, skill level, and emotional intelligence and then instituting measures to enhance the ability to create better outcomes.

Healthcare Emergencies Don’t Come with Multiple Choice Questions

An important component of clinical competency is clinical judgment or critical thinking, which is where AI comes into the picture as an essential assessment tool. In the past, healthcare educators may have attempted to assess critical thinking by showing brief video vignettes that feature such situations as a patient experiencing worrisome bleeding, sweating, or doing different things, with signs and symptoms, as well as clinical data. Then we would ask multiple choice questions for the assessment, such as “Mr. Jones has a temperature, is it an infection?” For the assessment, there were multiple choice answers from which to pick, and anyone being tested had a 25% chance of selecting one of the four possible choices. There’s the central problem. In the real world and on the frontlines of healthcare, when split-second decisions have to be made, no one is giving a healthcare professional a multiple choice question. Clinicians must be prepared to make decisions and take action without the prompting a multiple choice question is likely to provide.

The article includes:

  • Competence Determines Care Success
  • The Components of Competency
  • Using AI to Better Measure Clinical Judgment


Download the article here.

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