Top 10 HealthStream Blogs Published in 2020

There’s never been a year like 2020 in U.S. healthcare. Looking back over the past year’s blogs, only a few of them were connected directly to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the most popular HealthStream blog posts published in 2020:

What Is Myocarditis and How Is It Linked to COVID-19?

There is a growing concern that one serious complication of COVID-19 in some of those affected is myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that can affect functioning and potentially lead to more severe long-term health problems like stroke and heart attack.

Preventing Nurse Burnout – Five Strategies

HealthStream discusses being vigilant about identifying symptoms of and preventing burnout by providing interventions to help nurses and healthcare organizations.

What Does a Home Health Care Nurse Do?

Home health nursing is one of the many career options available within the nursing profession. It is a choice for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and nurse assistants (NAs). The educational requirements for a home health nurse are dependent on individual nursing certifications.

Recognizing Religious Beliefs in Healthcare

Given the wide range of religion practices across our national population, it is no wonder that healthcare providers and systems are often challenged by delivering care that meets and honors the religious needs of patients and their families.

Preventing Viruses: Strategies of Containment, Protection, & Prevention

Understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic is prevented by strategies of containment, protection, and prevention to make the community and healthcare workers safer.

Sample Questions for Nurse Peer-Interviews

A good peer interview nursing team will deploy a series of questions designed to learn about a candidate’s mental, emotional, and physical state, helping them find the best fit for their unique situation.

The Economic & Emotional Cost of Hospital Readmissions | HealthStream

Learn how the cost of hospital readmissions by definition is enormous and Medicare & CMS is working to reduce this amount, from HealthStream.

Handling N95s, Ventilated Face Masks, and Social Distancing

Here's how to follow the guidelines for infection control and deal with the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) caused by Covid-19, from HealthStream.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Nurse Residency Programs

Nurse residency programs present both opportunities and challenges for new nurses, and so should be studied thoroughly to see if the program, and the provider, is the right fit. This blog post focuses on nurse residency program pros and cons.

How Nursing Informatics Benefits Quality Outcomes

Using the various electronic medical record systems that are now ubiquitous in healthcare for collecting health information across an organization, nurse informaticists are managing, interpreting, and communicating data with a primary purpose to improve the quality and outcomes of patient care.

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