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A Comparison of Methods in Collecting CG-CAHPS Data

By Randy Carden, Ed.D., Senior Research Consultant

The Clinician and Group CAHPS (CG-CAHPS) survey is a standardized tool developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) that measures the perception of care patients receive in physician office settings. Because it is a new survey in the CAHPS collection, research is scant regarding it. Furthermore, to date, there are no studies found in the literature that have used the CG-CAHPS survey in a mode of administration study. 

This HealthStream study, conducted by Randy Carden, Ed.D., Senior Research Consultant, tested three modes of CG-CAHPS survey administration. The first was email. Three waves of email survey invitations were conducted. The first wave was sent to all records with email addresses. One week later a second email invitation wave was sent to patients with email addresses that had not completed the survey. A final email invitation was sent to non-respondents one week later. The second mode of administration was traditional mail. A mail survey was sent to all patients without email addresses and those with email addresses that did not complete the email survey. The third mode that was tested was IVR. Eight thousand patients received up to 4 IVR invitations to complete the survey.

Findings of this analysis include:

  • The email mode of administration had an associated response rate superior to mail and IVR.
  • There were more women respondents than men across all three modes.
  • Most CG-CAHPS items captured via the email mode and mail mode were significantly higher than the IVR-captured results.
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